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The Top 5 Struggles Every Digital Nomad Faces — 4 Comments

  1. Man, oh man. How I can relate to this! In 2022, I’ve been to 138 countries – most with my laptop and work devices in tow. I have to say, it has definitely got better over the years! I remember when I first started hauling my laptop around and I might as well just have left it at home! For those of us who travel and work, this article you wrote is a great reminder of the struggles we might face…and what to consider to overcome them! Good writing! 🙂 

    • Thanks very much for your comment A Jaynes. Like you, I am a great traveler, and my wife and my laptop have been great companions for the past 20+ years of marketing online while enjoying life. Great way to earn a living while traveling, isn’t it?

      I wish you the very best for your online projects.

      John 😃

  2. I definitely vibe 100% with this post because my wife and I have circled the globe since 2011 as digital nomads. Since 2020, we literally have no base. We dove all in. I love this life because it is fun and freeing but each of the 5 points resonates with me. Not setting roots feels liberating but also disrupts routines at times, which feels uncomfortable, especially as I grow my blogging business. Good job on this post.

    • Thanks very much for your comment and for sharing your digital nomad’s life with my readers. I really know what you mean as my wife and I have been digital nomads even before laptops were available at a reasonable price, we were then carrying our desktop around.

      As we nearly never had a home base. We have traveled the world as house and pets’ sitter, since I can remember, then now retired in my home country, where I never set foot before, we continue doing that very happily and earn a very confortable income in people’s luxury homes all year round. We are “upmarket gypsies”. Our motto is “OPP” which stands for Other Peoples’ Properties, Pets and Problems.

      We pay no bills, just our personal living expenses.

      Best wishes,

      John 😃

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