Is ClickBank University 2.0 A Scam Or Legit

is ClickBank University 2.0 a scam

Is ClickBank University 2.0 a scam, or is it legit? This is what we are going to find out in this totally impartial review.  First of all, here a brief introduction to ClickBank University 2.0:

My Overall Evaluation: 4 ★★★★ out of 5 ★★★★★ – PASSED
Cost: $47 per month  + very expensive upsells
Founders/Owners: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan
Head Office: California, USA
Training: Yes (basic)
Support: Yes
Is ClickBank University 2.0 a scam

“High Trust Rating”

ClickBank University is already well known by Affiliate Marketers. It has been improved over the years that they have been in existence (2012). They have recently revamped the whole system and added some training, which include videos. It has now become ClickBank University 2.0.
The product  is okay. I am saying that because, nearly anybody can make a few bucks out of it; and I know it very well as I have participated in creating part of the training.
But it is nowhere near as complete as my favorite, and #1 Online Business Opportunity, which is really the top of the range on many levels, as we are going to see a bit later on. In the main time, if you want to receive my free Internet Marketing course, you just have to click on the banner below 
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Is ClickBank University 2.0 a scam?

Honestly, NO! So, if that is enough for you, you can use the registration button below. But remember that it is free during the first 30 days, where you will have access to 4 live webinar training (one per week) and full support by Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan. Then, you will be charged US $47 per month:
Is ClickBank University 2.0 a scam
Now the other thing is that during that first month, as you can expect, all will be fine and exciting, then gently over the months that follow, you will realise that if you do not buy some very expensive upsells, you are not going to go very far in your Internet Marketing career. And these upsells can get you out of pocket in the tune of nearly $600. So, not so nice right?
But, don’t let that put you off, as it is definitely an opportunity worth looking into in more details. This is what we are going to do as we go along.
During your research, and throughout this review, you might come across terms such as:
  • ClickBank University 2.0
  • ClickBank University
  • CBU
  • CB University

and possibly other versions, but they are all the same.

This ClickBank University 2.0 review contains:

  • An introduction to the product
  • What you must know before buying ClickBank University 2.0
  • A peep into the Members’ Area
  • What I do like about ClickBank University 2.0
  • How could ClickBank University 2.0 be improved
  • What I don’t like about ClickBank University 2.0
  • My final review

So, here we go …

An introduction to the product

Basically ClickBank University is a learning platform and an educational website intended to teach its members how to create their own info products and to sell them online. As a member you will also learn how to promote other people’s products through the affiliate marketing system. The quality of training is undoubtedly very high, and its members is habitually active.

Of course, all this comes with a price, which is quite high but not unreasonably over priced considering what you get out of it. Personally, I think that it is a good learning option for someone wishing to market their own info product via the ClickBank platform, as I did myself very successfully a few years ago, long before ClickBank University existed. But, it is not for someone hoping to create a long term income in affiliate marketing.

What you must know before buying ClickBank University 2.0

As my job is to go through lots of money making opportunities, I have learned how to deal with charlatans trying to pump the very last cent out your pocket through a some half baked sales pages. When I landed on the last and actual ClickBank University 2.0’s sales page it was an agreeable surprise.

They clearly explain upfront what you have to expect and what you will be doing once inside your member’s back office, and what will your money pay for. However, there were a couple of things that puzzled me off a bit on their sales page:

  1. Their brand new version of the sales page highlights fear pitching. They spend quite a long time explaining how Google’s DeepMind robots are going to keep a close eye on us and to play safe we need to work from home. I don’t really understand this part, because if you have a legit learning platform, you shouldn’t have to hide from the crawlers. There is nothing wrong with selling info products online, so this is not going to keep us unnoticed by the robots. Whatever?
  2. I also don’t like the fact that they are going to try to sell you a $600 add on product before you can even access your back office!
This upsell is the Builder 2.0

is ClickBank University 2.0 a scamIt is a software that builds landing pages which they are trying to sell you right after you purchase your $47/month membership. Why should you pay $600 for this software when you could buy “Thrive Architect” for $67, which does the same thing, and is much easier to work with?

Thrive Architect is an excellent landing page builder that integrates with WordPress, which means that you can host your website ANYWHERE. Also, there are loads of other landing page building plugins for WordPress. With Builder 2.0, it is necessary that you host at ClickBank, which means that you are stuck with them for ever!

A peep into the Members’ Area

Once inside ClickBank University 2.0, you will discover a few tabs. For you to access all the lessons, you will have to fill up a form to request the lessons you want. Otherwise, you will have access to the lessons on a pre-set schedule.

The main training will be the “vendor” training. You will learn how to create your business avatar; set up your first landing or sales page and your funnel; then how to upload your product on the ClickBank platform; and finally, you will learn how to scale your business.

Each part of the training contains several videos, and they range between 3-25 minutes long each. There is a lot of content, so ClickBank University is really worth the $47 per month membership fee if you intend to create your first digital product and don’t have a clue about selling it online! As a member, you will have access to the ClickBank University Forum, where you can get in touch with other ClickBank University members, and exchange tips and tricks.

I am pleased to say that the forum section of the program has hugely improved in the past 3 years or so. But it is still nowhere near as active as my #1 recommended affiliate training program, but the training is much more geared towards creating and selling your own product, rather than promoting other people’s products as an affiliate.

So, as a recap, is Clickbank university 2.0 a scam?

Not at all. ClickBank University 2.0 is a good place to be for product creators, but I must admit that the affiliate marketing training part is just kind of basic. If you are just starting your online business for the first time, and you are not sure yet whether you want to be a product creator or an affiliate and ask me for an advice, I would tell you that I prefer to be an affiliate for sure.

It is not as glamorous as owning your own digital product, but personally I think that it is much closer to the idea of building a passive income. You don’t have all the worries of being competitive and keeping your product up to date all th time. When sales start to drop with your own product, you will need to create another one, which is very much time consuming, and can be very expensive.

With someone else’s product, when sales start to go down, you just have to look for another one, which can be done within the hour, and at no cost.

What I do like about ClickBank University 2.0

The main focus of the training aims at product creation. This differs from most other “money making” schemes that I have been reviewing so far. While product creation can become a very lucrative online enterprise, you will need to create some high quality products, and be able to drive traffic to your websites. is ClickBank University 2.0 a scam

Although, you could increase the sales of your digital product if you already have a large mailing list, and a well written email sequence ready for your email marketing, and you could even make MORE money if you can offer a good percentage of your income to affiliates for them to start selling for you.

The training videos are very straightforward, of high quality, and provide quite a clear insight on how the whole online marketing system works. There are a couple of them which talk about how to find a product to market, how to get visitors to your website, and all about how to offer your product to affiliates by marketing it on ClickBank.

There is a more than enough stuff available for you to read, so if you join ClickBank University 2.0, it will certainly keep you busy for quite a while. Newbies will surely get a lot out of the from, as well as lower intermediate and higher intermediate level of Internet marketers.

However, if you already have some experience but have not found the opportunity that works for you, the early modules of the training might be rather basic (and boring) for you. You might want to skip them and look out for the later training lessons.

No shortage of quality training modules

There are weeks and months worth of training within the ClickBank University 2.0 back office. There is mixture of face-to-face recordings and over-the-shoulder videos. You can also find written material explaining some important sections of the videos.

Some people prefer video trainings, and for some, the written stuff is easier to understand. That saves them from re-watching a 25 minute video only to get some reminders!

The Website Builder (Builder 2.0)

At first I was not very excited about the Website Builder that I have described earlier. This is because I thought it to be just another CMS (Content Management System) similar to WordPress. That is because they really don’t make it very clear in their leading sales video.

To tell you the truth, I hate upsells, so I usually I skip them as I feel that when you buy a product, it should be complete, no matter what is the price, even if it is free, they should deliver what they promise. This is why I love my #1 recommended affiliate training program so much, as by free, they really mean FREE!

However, after investigating a little bit further, I think it can help product creators. Having a pre-made funnel approach and landing page builder in place should help most newbies to remain focused. It would even help you build your own membership area, and other parts of your business by using a cookie-cutter type of program.

As a newbie, this can save you a huge amount of time. It is basically a way to help you build your website to promote your own products and it integrates with ClickBank which in turn will help you sell the ClickBank University 2.0 system easily.

I must admit, this is really cool, and for those who are trying to create their own digital product, this is definitely worth investing in. But you need to sit down and do the maths, because you are already paying $47 per month for your ClickBank University 2.0 membership, which comes to $564 per year, PLUS $594 for the Website Builder.

Which comes to …

Which means that your starter outlay for this system arrives to a staggering $1,158; before you even start learning how to earn your first penny! Also, don’t forget that, as I said earlier on in this review, this will lock your website into their system. You will never be able to stop your membership and go on your own, even when you don’t need it anymore.

So now, I suppose that if you are really serious about creating and marketing your own digital products on the Internet, you need to be ready to invest some cash. Although it is still hundred times cheaper than a conventional brick-and-mortar business, being an affiliate and promote other people’s products is still the cheapest.

Being an affiliate and promoting other people’s products is not only the easiest and cheapest way of making money online, but it is also my favorite. It is what I have been doing during most of my online career. Remain to learn how to do it the right way. This is why I love what I am doing now, and for many years now.

As you know, the purpose of this website and the various reviews I am posting from time to time, is to guard you from falling in the traps of scammers, and to introduce my readers to opportunities that are legit and affordable. Which leads me to suggest, once more, that you reserve a few moments of your time to have a look at my #1 recommended affiliate training program,  my all time favorite.

But, if you are a bit pressed by time at the moment, you can go and register directly here for a ➸ Free Registration and Mentoring.

Is the community active?

At their very beginning, the ClickBank University 2.0 community’s activity was practically inexistant. I asked several questions in the community within my back office, but most of them are still to this date unanswered.

I was not receiving replies to my emails. It really felt like I was the only one in there. This is one thing they have improved on really. However, it is still not a very busy community. You cannot depend on an instant help if you need to have a problem fixed, but it does work somehow.

You will find that some members respond quite rapidly, in great details, but is is still not the best community. Some older members are happily helping newbies. And, more and more, there is some exchange of ideas and tips that help improve each others’ businesses. Nice improvement!

Webinars and Q&A sessions

With the new ClickBank University 2.0 membership, you will have access to weekly webinars where you can ask questions. I have attended a few of them and I can report that they are quite active. Also included in your membership is a marketing and copywriting crash course on YouTube. It quickly teach you how to write and place your ads.

They are not very extensive, but it does its bit to get you started. Then, you might need to do your own research to complete your marketing skills

How could ClickBank University 2.0 be improved

Here are a few things that came straight to my mind which I feel could be improved to make the ClickBank University 2.0 opportunity more user friendly, especially to the newbies:

Show more products and affiliate websites to give ideas

The more difficult thing for someone who is new to Internet marketing is to figure out what they could sell. Whether they want to create their own product, or to become an affiliate. It would be better if ClickBank University would spend more time in displaying various websites; and products that are already working well.

Okay, I understand that this can be a problem, as most product and website developers don’t really want their hard work being copied by a pack of newbies, or even spammers! However, just a few examples of successful business owners doing something similar to what you are trying to do. As a newbie, shouldn’t hurt them much, it could even give them some extra exposure and publicity.

Some more examples of traffic

We all know that traffic is the heart and soul of any business. No traffic, no sales! As simple as that. And this, no matter who you are, what you are selling and what business you in. At first, I thought that there was a great number of samples as they have a special tab dedicated to “traffic”.

However, when clicking on that tab, you will only discover a bunch of videos regarding advertising on Facebook Ads; then bits and pieces concerning Instagram, but not really what you should expect. And, what about:

They could have offered much more on this very important topic. Of course, there is the weekly webinar where you could ask those questions, but still …

My simple Internet Marketing course below offers already much more in a few lessons 
FREE Marketing Course

Better targeted webinars

Okay, the webinars are not bad, I like the idea that you can ask some questions. But, personally I feel that they could be better structured. It looks more like chat room where everyone does what they want. Nothing like what I am used to at Wealthy Affiliate, where are the best webinars I have ever attended.

is ClickBank University 2.0 a scam

An example of a well organised webinar!

Instead of being a free for all type of webinar (like a chatroom), if they only had one particular topic each week that was discussed, with a Q&A at the end, like is done on Wealthy Affiliate, it would be a bit less messy. It is really not possible to take advantage of recordings when they are just about anything that comes to the attendee’s mind at the moment.

What I don’t like about ClickBank University 2.0

All in all, apart from a few things that we have discussed above, there is nothing that they couldn’t fix; (if they wanted to of course). Except for the one thing that I cannot stand, is their upsell. But if you just register to the training and purchase the membership at $47 a month and buy the “Thrive Architect” software for $67 separately, you could be better off. If you like this idea, then you can get started right now …

Is ClickBank University 2.0 a scam

My final review

Here, I will be brief, as we have seen each and every points in detail … I can consider the ClickBank University 2.0 opportunity as a good product if you are looking to create and promote your own digital info products through the ClickBank platform, this could be a good option for you.
But, if you are an “expert” in something and wish to turn that skill into a thriving income stream, and in the long term, your best bet would be to join Wealthy Affiliate, which is 100% free to join, learn and earn! The training and support is simply out of this world. And, there is no upsells! 
You will be offered to upgrade to a Premium member, but this is only an option. You don’t need to if you don’t want to. Nothing will stop you from making money even on the free started membership.
However, to help you make your choice, I have created a comparison chart. With it, you will know exactly where you are going in whichever direction you decide is best for you:

Thanks for reading

Easy to Retire


Is ClickBank University 2.0 a scam? I let you decide for yourself, but, personally I can say that it is not. If you have any other tips in this particular field, my readers and myself would like to hear from you. And, should you have any problems, please make use of the comments box below.

I will respond typically within 24 to 48 hours. If you enjoyed reading this article please share it socially and post your appreciation in the comments area below, I will highly appreciate it!

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  • Kevin

    Thanks for your honest and informative article. I appreciate the depth with which you’ve approached the subject of Clickbank University 2.0.

    Here’s the aspect of your review that I like the most: that you can benefit from the program for an entire month without charge and then only need to be paying a minimal amount, less than $50. Another great thing to know in advance of purchasing the product is knowing in advance just what to expect from it–i.e., as you had said, what you’ll be getting for your money.

    Thanks for the information and the review. You’ve convinced me that it’s worth the investment.

    • John

      Thanks so much Kevin for being such an avid reader of my articles, and for taking the time to comment on my “Is ClickBank University 2.0 A Scam Or Legit” review.

      That’s right, ClickBank University is not too bad if you compared it with “Email Sending Jobs” or “The Income League“. But still, the ClickBank University is far from offering what Wealthy Affiliate offers, and for FREE!

      I look forward to seeing you around often Kevin and I wish you a very Happy New Year!


      P.S. Just in case you have not seen it yet, here is my latest scam or legit review: Instant Email Empire – A Scam Program enjoy it, and let me know what you think.

  • Joseph Stasaitis

    Thanks for the details on ClickBank University 2.0.  I had heard of it but did not know much about it.  Appreciate your overall explanation of the program.

    Also you did a very good job comparing it to the Wealthy Affiliate money making opportunity and also showing where ClickBank University can make some improvements to enhance the value of their program.  Thanks.


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