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Is IMjetset A Scam? Here Is My Complete Review — 12 Comments

  1. Is IMjetset a scam was a very good article I really appreciate reading articles about scams or legit. I appreciate how you explain how IMjetset have to offer but I even love the pack more that you give people a chance to join the wealthy affiliate program. Being able to join a legitimate affiliate marketing platform and be able to build a free website without having to pay anything would be a great experience for anyone who’s looking to get into the online marketing industry. 

    Thank you and I appreciate you for this wonderful review

  2. I like how you compared Crestani’s Internet JetSet / IMJetset and Wealthy Affiliate. In terms of content, as you said, WA is the clear winner; and, of course, WA wins again, in terms of price, as no one can beat FREE, when it comes to cost, can they? And, as you’ve also shown, WA wins out in other areas, as well: upgrades, modules, motivations, freebies / upsells, and community. To me, having tried WA, community is among the most important aspect to consider. I don’t think I can make it alone and the community that WA provides has helped me to rise up and become an earner.

    Thanks for an excellent review.

    • Thanks so much for being a regular reader of my blog Kevin, and I do appreciate and value your comments and recommendations. I am sure that you are registered to receive my updates as soon as they are published, but I take this opportunity to invite my casual readers to do so as well here ~~> Newsletter so that they will be notified the minute a new article is being posted. 

      Lots of great information you are sharing here Kevin. If there is any particular program or opportunity, or website that you would like me to review, please feel free to let me know and I will be pleased to do so for you and for my readers.

      I wish you the very best,


  3. Hi:

    Comparing both products WA and Jet Set do you think ther’s any value for a Wealthy Affiliate premium member such as myself to get JetSet also?

    Do you think there’s any added value there than what you get in WA?

    Although WA is extremely good, there sure are other resources that can be added to help you go a step further, do yu think this is one of them?



  4. Hi John,

    Thank you for your review of imjetset.

    I was interested in this program as I actually do live the jetset life. I travel all over Asia and i am always looking for new ideas and information to help support my activities.

    So I really appreciate that you not only took the time to buy the program and look ‘under the hood’, but you also shared your findings with us.

    It is refreshing to know that this program is a legitimate program.

    We often read of so many horror stories!

    I think the content within the program sounds excellent, especially for a beginner.

    However, it sounds like we have the same kind of information and better as members of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have been a member of WA for many months and find it hard to fault.

    The training is amazing.

    The community is unlike any I have known before…

    The WA support is super efficient and fast!

    Most of the services that many other companies charge for are free within WA.

    I am grateful for your comparison between the two programs and I think your post has just saved me at least $47 and I will just stay where I am with WA and apply the training we have there!

    Great job and my thanks to you!


    • Nice meeting not only a great traveller, but also someone who knows Wealthy Affiliate well enough to share all the benefits it has to offer. I must say, you gave it all and I have nothing to add to it. Thanks very much Tim.

      I have been marketing online for the past 15 years or so and I have never come across such a great program. Anyone can become very successful and create a very comfortable income from it, which I have been doing myself. May I take this opportunity to invite those who might be interested in joining (it is free) and I will personally mentor them (also for free), when signing up from this link ~~> FREE mentoring.

      I wish you the very best Tim.


  5. I just wanted to let you know that this review makes it sound like with the FREE Starter Membership you get access to ALL of the Jaaxy tools including the Alphabet Soup but FREE members can only use the Basic keyword search tool on Jaaxy. All others are Premium ONLY. It also sounds like it is completely FREE to send a Private Message to another member using the FREE starter program and not the Paid Platinum Membership but my intro video on WA said PMs are for Premium Members ONLY. With the FREE Starter Membership you are ONLY allowed to even Join Discussions on the lessons for the first week for FREE and then you can Upgrade to Premium to continue having the ability to leave Comments and Questions but if you DON’T Upgrade you can no longer do that after your first 7 days. I just wanted to make sure no one is mislead at all by the ambiguous language. The Wealthy Affiliate training & tools are very useful & extremely well demonstrated. If you upgrade to Premium within the first 7 days you even get a Discount & pay only $19 for your first month then $49 every month after instead of $49 every month from the beginning. It seems to be a good way to try it out with less risk before committing. I just signed up yesterday but so far I’m pretty sure I’ll be going Premium before the end of the week. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

    • Thanks for clarifying these very important points Annie, you are quite right. My apologies if I have mislead some of my readers. I have written this review about Wealthy Affiliate quite a while ago, so I shall go through it and update it making sure to rectify according to your comments.

      I wish you the very best and welcome to the Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.


  6. Yes, John is a legit guy and I’ve learned so much from his Youtube videos. I think he has well credible and if you have some money in the bank, there’s nothing wrong with trying this product. Very good guy though!

    • I totally agree with you, John Crestani is definitely an honest and credible guy. Thanks for your comment and I wish you the very best for your online projects.


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