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Vintage Toy Collection – What to Do with It? — 4 Comments

  1. Hey great article!

    Toy collections are awesome especially when it comes to old classic cats! I have a few vintage cars however I really want to build it up. I’m going to search up a few sites where vintage products maybe sold and see what they have to offer.

    I wasn’t aware they’d be people willing to by what I thought were only my prized possessions, that’s good news!

    • Thanks very much for your comment and for sharing your hobby with my readers Sariyah.

      You will certainly find what you are looking for on the Internet.

      Happy hunting,

      John 🙂

  2. Vintage toys are quite an enjoyable hobby to have. But if it is not your particular thing, you can definitely find ways in selling them online, because there is always someone who wants your collection or the things that you inherited. There are for example Blythe dolls, a peculiar doll that goes on sale for hundreds or even thousands of dollars and you can bet that people buy them!

    Thank you for showing all the tips and tricks as to where you can sell your vintage toy collection.

    • Oh yes Lizzy, you can buy and sell anything you want on the Internet. There are also many online auction sites where you can buy and sell and hit the jackpot.

      Thanks for sharing Lizzy. 

      Best wishes,

      John 🙂

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