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What Is the Law of Attraction and How It Works? — 6 Comments

  1. Hey John, thank you so much for this awesome article on the law of attraction. Funny thing is that I’ve read so much about blogging the past few years and thought about the laptop lifestyle that eventually I found a popular training program that taught me everything I needed to learn. I’m continuing to visualize the laptop lifestyle and I know one day I will get there! What are some experiences you’ve had with the law of attraction?

    • Thanks very much for reading my article on the law of attraction and for taking the time to comment Gabriel. Blogging to me has given me the freedom of sharing my opinions with whoever wants to read me, and most importantly it helped me to become financially free and getting rid of some miserable 9-to-5s many years ago, permitting my wife and I to travel the world in luxury (more about that here).

      Nothing is more enjoyable to me that to make good money doing what you love doing the most, right?

      Being hundred percent self educated, I read thousands of books since my teenage days, many self help books of course, including several versions of the law of attraction.

      One of my experiences that I have had came from a very young age (about 12 years old), even before I knew about the law of attraction: I really, really wanted a particular toy for a Christmas (I can’t really remember what it was), so I decided to visualise it, look for shops that had it, found pictures of it, learned more about it and “dreamed” of it like I had it already just before going to sleep. This for a couple of months. And guess what happened on Christmas day? Yes, you are right.

      The law of attraction can work for smaller things as well as very important and huge things, and it can be a very simplified process as my article explains.

      I wish you the very best for your projects Gabriel.

      Stay safe, healthy and happy.


    • Thanks very much for adding your knowledge about the Law of Attraction to my article Mark, my readers will certainly appreciate it.

      Take care, stay safe, healthy and happy!


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