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What is Affiliate Blogger Pro? — 4 Comments

  1. You know I was in the market to find what a good review of a product looks like and I think I found it right here. Its done well for a affiliate marketing review and while reading your pros and cons I really think I can make a solid decision on whether to buy or not. It makes me happy to see good reviews like this. 

    I was wondering Do you have any negative reviews for affiliate products? I usually look for those. 

    Thanks again 


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ian. I am glad that you enjoy reading my product and program reviews. If you want to read more of the negative reviews that I have written, I invite you to go at the very top of this page and on the navigation bar, click on the “Avoid” tab. There you will find all the programs and products that I do not recommend. I would highly appreciate it if you would post some comments too. Thanks for doing that.

      Best wishes,


  2. Well, its well known that everything is changing over time and advancements are occurring everyday, so Affiliate blogger pro getting outdated can be blamed on the fact that the tools and contents in the platform aren’t updated or amended to suit the market of today’s business. I’ll not try to check it out or even recommend it cos of what is taking time to check something not useful going to be. Thanks for sharing, its nice to know about this, it’ll help people know what it is before they crash into it. I’ll share to some other platform and I know it’ll be of great help.

    • Thanks for taking the initiative to spread the word about Affiliate Blogger Pro Kingsley. That’s right it is a pity that such a great program was not kept current as it was a really great one. At the moment, there is one and only one that is worth joining, it is Wealthy Affiliate. If you are interested in knowing more about it, all the details are in a review that you can find at the top of this website, by clicking on the “My #1 Recommendation” tab on the navigation bar.

      Let me know what you think.

      Best wishes,


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