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How Can You Make Money in Affiliate Marketing? — 6 Comments

  1. Great, very well-written and thorough article on how to make money by affiliate marketing I would say. It is always best to promote something when your kind of people who have  succeed yourself, promotes it. And I fully agree the moral part of your article, affiliate marketing is win-win situation most of time cause customer gets better info about products they buys, without no additional cost and affiliate marketer gets a small commission. Also good for honest companies selling solid and good products. 

    • Thanks for giving your views on the subject of Affiliate Marketing Jesse. As you say everyone wins in Affiliate Marketing, not only those at the top like in MLM.

      I hope that yourself are part of some Affiliate Marketing programs, if not and wish to know more about what it entails before getting yourself involved, you can subscribe to my free Internet Marketing course here!

      If you have any questions, please make sure to ask them in this comments’ section, okay?

      All the best,


  2. Hey John, thank you for this great post on how to make money in affiliate marketing. I was just looking for an article on this subject to share with a friend of mine who is interested in starting an affiliate marketing website. I tried to explain the simple process of how affiliate marketing works from my own personal and successful experience but I think he really needs to read it for himself. So I am going to send him this post.

    For anyone reading this comment and you are still undecided if you should start this or maybe some sort of a multi-level network marketing opportunity, I highly recommend affiliate marketing because you can choose what you make money on. In MLMs you are mainly confined to specific products that are more expensive than those you can offer through affiliate marketing. This makes affiliate marketing much easier to earn money. So become an affiliate marketer today!

    • Thanks very much for carefully reading my article about making money in Affiliate Marketing Robert and for taking the time to share your views on the subject. And also, thanks very much for sharing this blog post with your friend. I am sure that it will be of great help to him.

      I am glad that you also agree with me that there is no real financial freedom in MLM (Multilevel Marketing), except for those at the top, of course. I myself have been in MLM for many years, for some very well known MLM companies, and in several countries (USA, UK, France and South Africa) and never made enough money to even cover my costs, except that I ended with a garage full of extremely expensive vitamins, weigh loss products, boxes full of useless empty spray bottles, and pasta, which I ended giving away to some charity organisation (my only pleasure in the end). 

      How glad was I when I discovered that there was a real way of making money from home, online, called Affiliate Marketing?

      So yes, Affiliate Marketing is definitely the way forward and it is my pleasure to know that more and more people are understanding that. For those who are interested in finding out more about it, they can click on my number ONE recommendation here!

      I wish you the very best Robert and I look forward to seeing you again soon on this blog as there are more product reviews to come.


  3. Hello John, It was a real pleasure reading your site, I definitely agree that to make an extra income online is in Affiliate Marketing not MLM as you get to decide the products you want to promote not the other way around. I am retired and have been on the Internet since it began and love it. Your site is a winner in my book, giving expert advice to all who want to start an online business is a must and you have certainly captured that. Well done and Good Luck.

    • Thanks for reading my article on how one can make money in Affiliate Marketing Michael and also for the flattering review. I am glad that we agree that Affiliate Marketing is the safest and most honest way for anyone to make a decent living from home on the Internet, and that MLM schemes should be avoided at all cost.

      I am also pleased to see that you have recently joined one of the best Affiliate Marketing trainings in existence, Wealthy Affiliate!

      Reading your bio at Wealthy Affiliate I cannot resist but to point out that it is most likely, for the most part, that it is thanks to you if we have high speed Internet, if not fiber optic, available in most parts of this world.

      I wish you the very best for your Wealthy Affiliate career and I am sure that our paths will cross sometimes and perhaps at the top.


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