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  1. I have to say I really appreciate the fact that you take the time (and oftentimes the money) to review these programs to save people like me from falling prey.  I tend to want to opt into anything that is a money making opportunity, and especially when it sounds so easy, but after getting burned a few times, I’ve learned to go in search of reviews.  Your website is awesome with some great information on better ways to make money online, like the Wealthy Affiliate platform, which I know is legitimate and provides full training and websites and security.  Thanks again for taking the time to help us avoid these pitfalls!

    • Thanks for being a regular visitor of my website and for commenting on my “What Is Email Sending Jobs About?” scam review Babsie. 

      I’m glad that you are also a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and that you followed my advice and joined LeadsLeap. If you had the time to look around you must have appreciated the amount of high quality marketing tools that are included in the free membership. If I may give you another advice, you should upgrade to the PRO level as it will give you the possibility to place your ads and forget about them. Most of my downline members at Wealthy Affiliate come from there, and vis-versa.

      I look forward to seeing you again on my website in the near future Babsie.


      P.S. Just in case you missed it, I have just posted a new scam review: Is Amazon Affiliate Program A Scam? Let me know what you think.

  2. Great post. Thanks for it.

    Sometimes, the pitch to get into an “online hot business” is very poor. However, many people (included me) are curious about if the program is legit. When an online “opportunity” is too good to be true, it certainly is. I’ve been looking for way online to make money fast but I discovered that such thing is not real. Only hard and consistent work can be the right path to an online business.

    Thanks again.


    • That’s true Jay. Early on, scammers could make us believe that all we had to do was to join an affiliate program, promote it a bit and bam! there was money pouring in. But thanks to people like us, who must have been ripped off before, we know and have the opportunity to spread the word and shame them. In the long run the Internet will not be the best place for these scam artists to live and make their fortune.

      Thanks very much for your comment and I wish you the very best success in whatever you are doing.


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