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What is ClickFunnels.com About? — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for including which autoresponders ClickFunnels integrates with. You answered one of the first question I have. 

    It’s frustrating to look into a software program, but then have to reconsider because it doesn’t integrate with a system I’m already using, such as an autoresponder. 

    To me, it’s a pulling together of resources you need to complete a sales funnel. Instead of using one system to market your product, another for sales, and finally another for delivery, it’s all in one system. So, instead of paying individual monthly fees your paying only one monthly fee at a lower price.

    Even better, you can make money on 3 levels: selling affiliate products, selling your own products, or running your own affiliate program where others sell your products. Whatever way you choose, it’s a path to passive income. 

    • Thanks for your comments and input Chris. You are quite right when you say that by choosing ClickFunnels it will be all that you need, without having to subscribe to other programs or buy other tools, which in the end might not be compatible.

      I am glad that you enjoyed this product review and I hope that you have seen the previous two articles that I have written:

      – What Are Long Tail Keywords About?

      – How to Start Working from Home for Free

      Hope you enjoy them as well and I look forward to your comments.

      I wish you the very best,


  2. Clickfunnels. I heard about it when I started to dig into the blogging arena in 2015. Little did I know that it was a year after this system was launched. I knew the name Russell Brunson without knowing he’s the man behind it until today. So, I really am grateful to have read your page. 

    I commend the way you discuss the content, although I know explaining systems related to website and blogging may be a bit boring or complex for beginners. Hence, the way you braided the topic is great. Keep it up. 🙂

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