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What Is Ecom Cash Code About? — 10 Comments

  1. Wow, this is a very good one here on Ecom Cash Code. You have really dodged out here a very real and honest review. When a programme makes use of fake identity, it is very important that one should grown seriously at it. You have said the training is really bad which is a thing to look out for. Having said this, I wouldn’t want to waste my time and money trying to join Ecom Cash Code. The upsells is also something to be weary about. Ten thousand dollars is just too much. Overall, good post!

    • Thanks very much for your comments on my Ecom Cash Code scam review Henderson. I am glad that you found my blog post to be of value and that you are well aware that there are some scams around. I wish you the very best for whatever your projects are and please do not hesitate to call on me if you have any questions.


  2. Uhhhh, Teo Vee. I know this man and he’s not in my good books. It’s not uncommon for get rich quick artists to come up with different names with every new system they start, but what’s interesting to me is that Teo keeps the same pen name throughout all his scams! I mean, talk about sabotaging his new system from the get go, how thick can you get lol. Thanks for the review and reaffirming that we should stay away from Ecom Cash Code at all costs.

    • Thanks for your comments on my Ecom Cash Code scam or legit review. You are right Brandon, it is very strange that this guy keeps the same name for all his scam programs. Either he plans to commit a web suicide, or he knows that by doing it this way he will gain more confidence from his visitors.

      Anyway, it is yet another money making system to keep away from at all costs.

      I wish you the very best for your camping website, very net and useful. How is business going?


  3. Hello John!

    I feel bad that you even had to sign up for this, but I truly appreciate you taking the fall in order to provide this information. It’s pretty unfortunate how there are a handful of money scams out there that sway people from finding honest programs.

    I like the article, keep up your work John! 

    • Thanks for commenting Anthony and I am glad that you enjoyed this program review.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects whatever they may be.

      Have a great day.


  4. Hi John, great and honest review. Thank you. It was easy to follow and no doubts or grey areas about what you discovered. It’s sad that such people are willing to exploit people in this way and I know from marketing experience that there are a lot of people out there who dive in and don’t realize they dived into a scam until it’s too late. I notice that scammers often use words like, “secrets” and I wonder if the title of your publication, “Uncover The Secrets . . .” is appropriate and finding some distance might be beneficial? For example, “How To Really Make Money Online.” I would want to distance myself from fake opportunities and stand apart.  Hope this is helpful. Good luck, Steve C

    • I am glad that you found my latest blogpost interesting Steve and thanks for commenting. I understand what you mean about using certain words and phrases that scammers are also using. I agree with you, but unfortunately they are words that encourage people to click, so, even non scammers have to use them, which as you will understand, makes the possibility of differentiating between the scam and the legit opportunity more difficult for the online users.

      I wish you an excellent day Steve.


  5. Dear John

    This is an excellent review.It is really helpful.Two weeks ago I saw the Ecom Cash Code on the internet. I kept thinking about joining but kept looking for the truth about the promises that were being made.  You have really helped us to know that this program is scam. This review has come at the right time. Thank you very much.   


    • I’m glad that I have saved you a few bucks Baraka, I hate to think how much more than the initial fee they could have pumped from you, scary!

      Well a comment like yours is all what I need to know that I have done my job and I am so happy that this Teo Vanyo (or Teo Vee) has lost a customer, and hopefully a few more among my readers.

      So, take care Baraka and stay vigilant if you are looking for a profitable Internet business, there are some good and honest ones out there, but you need to keep the eye open.

      Have a great day.


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