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How to Write a Book For Money — 10 Comments

  1. I’m glad I came across your site. I just ventured into writing about last month and I want to start writing books for sale. So coming across this guide is the best thing that has happened to me right now because this guides will help me achieve my goals. I will follow your guidelines and keep asking you questions which I’m hoping you will be replying me and I will keep following you to get more updates. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Thanks very much for stopping by my website and for taking the time to post a comment on my “How to Write a Book For Money” article. I am glad that you find it useful and I welcome you questions at any time. What are the topics of your books Dhayours? I will be very much interested in following your progress on that.

      For when you are ready to promote your books, let me suggest a couple of places where you can do that. Here are two articles I have written which will help you make a choice:

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      I look forward to hearing from you soon and I wish you the very best for your online project.

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  2. Hi there,
    Wow how to write a book. Amazing. Who knew you could get help with a step by step training on writing your own story. I like the tips of helping you get writing by going to the books in your own library for inspiration.
    I have always wondered what it must be like to write a book, and this post really breaks down all the things that you would need to do to make that dream happen.
    Many people are always looking for ways to live a life working from home. What better way than to write your own book.
    I am sure it is hard work, but anything that’s worth doing well takes work. 
    Thanks for sharing this information.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading my “How to Write a Book For Money” tutorial Coralie. Beautiful name that you have by the way. Is it typical from Canada, or has it another origin?

      Yes, so, to say the least, everyone of us has a story to tell. A personal experience, or a travel story, anything at all can be turned into a book. I am sure that yourself have always dreamed of writing your memoirs, you maybe keeping a diary? It is not necessary that you wish to become a J.K. Rowling, although it would be nice, but it is the pleasure of putting into writing our own experiences, and possibly share them.

      As I have mentioned in my article, my wife always dreamed of becoming a writer, and she is now selling several books on Amazon. Her starting point was when we bought a farm in South Africa. At that time we didn’t have the Internet, never mind electricity. She used to write her parents regularly back home in the UK via air mails. Her mother kept all her letters and gave them back to her several years. When my wife when through them then, she was amazed to see all that we had done over those years, and decided to re-writing all that information in the form of a diary, had it printed and uploaded it on Amazon Kindle where it can be purchased now ~~> Kate Fagalde and wrote several more since then.

      As she always says: “If you can write a postcard, you can write a book!”.

      So Coralie, it is your turn now.

      I wish you the very best.


  3. It’s a very detailed and motivational steps to writing a book for money.

    It’s truly mind blowing and if it is practiced as outlined, one can never go wrong with it. 

    I am so thrilled. 

    The guidelines will definitely turn an amateur to a professional. 

    It will be nice, if it’s made into a book. 

    Whoelse thinks it should be made into a book? 

    • You are quite right Jane, there is more than enough material in my “How to Write a Book For Money” to turn it into a book. 

      Thanks very much for popping in my website and for taking the time to post a comment.

      If you have not done so yet, remember to sign up for my newsletter so that you will be notified as soon as I have posted a new article. Here is the direct link ~~> Newsletter!

      I wish you the very best.


  4. I’ve always wondered how writers go about writing a book for money. Your tile definitely caught my attention. Your conversational style engaged me and kept me reading the whole piece. I liked how you inserted the pop up offering your eBook every now and then. The 36 points covered the gamut of suggestions on what to do to write a book that will appeal to various groups of people interested in the topics suggested. I especially liked your tips to read rubbish and to find ways to improve on what you read. Great tips abounded. And you covered each of the 36 points in great detail.

    I do have a question. Once I complete my book.Get it reviewed by others, what is the next step to monetize it? I noticed that your visitor is exposed to the field of affiliate marketing in great depth from previous articles. So maybe one of those may answer my question. If you can lead the reader to find this answer that would be really great. Also, demonstrating how you personaly wrote a book and discussed the approaches you used to make money on it would be very powerful. 

    Other than that I liked your article. I will be bookmarking your site as it has a wealth of information that can be very helpful.Thanks for taking the time to write this. All the best in your online endeavors John. 

    • I do appreciate your long comment Edwin and I hope that some of my readers will come forward with answers for you. In the meantime here is what I suggest you do once you have completed your book and had your script reviewed by other people:

      1 – This is the most difficult route but if you get it right you will be on your way ~~> find an agent willing to take on your book to present it to a publisher. Unfortunately, no publishers will talk to you directly, they only accept work coming through an agent. Then, agents will rarely take on books from writers who are not already published authors. So, you see what I mean? It is a vicious circle.

      2 – If you have a bit of money aside, self publish it. You can find online printers such as Amazon who can print your book on demand with a small starting quantity. The cost is quite affordable.

      3 – Upload it on Kindle, it is free.

      4 – If by any chance you have succeeded with 1, you have nothing to worry about promoting your book, they will take care of that. But if you go for 2 or 3, or both, you will need to do the promotion yourself. The cost will vary depending on your budget. My recommendation is that you create a blog. Being a writer, this should be easy for you. You can learn how to go about it on a free platform called ~~> Wealthy Affiliate. This is by far the best route as you will be totally in charge of the whole process and you will not have to share the profits with the middleman.

      I hope this helps Edwin, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them here.

      Best wishes,


  5. I love your tips!

    For the past few years, I have this dream of writing a children’s book, but haven’t found the inspiration to start one.

    I have my website for awhile now, and I believe that I am able to practice my writing skills there, although, like you said, writing daily is really important. I have to follow this and it’s quite a struggle for me now.

    Great post!


    • Thanks very much for taking the time to comment on my “How to Write a Book For Money” article Marita, and I am glad that you found some inspiration in it.

      The key is to write everyday as I said. Of course this may not be possible for everyone, and apparently not for you (yet). But if you just take half an hour each day to write, say a couple of chapters, you will soon get into the habit of doing so and will quickly look forward to doing it, and little by little you will notice to you will write 4 chapters without even thinking about it.

      Where and how to find that half an hour in you very busy day to start with Marita? I can show you how to find TWO HOURS in your day that you didn’t know you had to turn that free time into your children’s book.

      Yes, take a bit of your time now to read one of my previous articles ~~> How To Make Money From Home In Your Spare Time

      Enjoy it and let me know when your book is published.


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