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How To Boost YouTube Views For Free — 8 Comments

  1. Hey John, I’d like to ask your opinion about the use of article to video converter. There’s one that I saw, subscribed to their mailing list, and from to time receiving updates from them about their promo like big discounts during Black Friday Sale or Summer Sale. It’s just that, the price for a yearly subscription is quite high, that I am not able to try using the video. Before I will try such a significant investment, I’d like to see the opinion of experts like you. What do you think about the program? Do you advise people especially me who is not articulate in verbal English to use such tool?

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to post a comment Gomer. You are quite right, article to video converters are quite expensive, although they can be useful for some people who find it difficult to face a camera, and perhaps are not very fluent in the language they would like to use.

      I have tested a few of them, okay, some are not too bad but you can still feel the robotic voice and they can become boring, especially if you have to produce many of them.

      Personally, I would be more in favor of hiring the services of a professional like on Fiverr, it could become cheaper and your videos will be of high quality. 

      I look forward to seeing you here on this website often as I have some great articles coming out very soo.


  2. This is a very interesting post on How to Boost YouTube Views For Free. I’ve been looking for information about how to make money through YouTube videos and am glad I found your post.

    I’m new to this and so I’d like to know how do I get started with making money through YouTube Videos? Is there a special platform I can register myself with or how exactly do I go about it?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to post a comment. YouTube marketing is very much the way forward for any business nowadays.

      The best online training that I know of is at Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to join and learn everything that you need to know about marketing whichever product or service that want to promote, including creating your own YouTube videos and promoting them.

      I hope that this will help you and let me know if you have any questions.

      I wish you the very best for your online venture.


  3. Number 5 is such an important aspect that’s been sorely lacking from my blog for quite sometime now, not in all regards, but definitely as far as social media is concerned.

    I’ve always felt awkward asking people to do stuff, but I’m starting to learn that it’s pretty much essential to the success of my business.

    As you’ve pointed out, don’t ask and nothing will happen. Ask and it may or may not. But at least you tried!

    I went back and implemented your suggestion of putting my URL first in the description box. We’ll see if it helps!

    Thanks so much for these tips! I’ve done most of them already but there were some things I definitely learned from this. I bookmarked the article.

    • Thanks so much for your comment on my “How To Boost YouTube Views For Free” blog post Stu. I am glad that it brought you a few things that you can use on your own blog or website and thanks for bookmarking it for further reference. To make sure that you get notified as soon as a new article is posted don’t forget to signup for my newsletter. The signup form is located at the top right of every page of my blog.

      You might also like to read one of my latest articles: How To Increase Website Conversion Rate ? – 10 Cool Tips

      Let me know what you think and I look forward to seeing you often on my site.

      Best wishes,


  4. You have revealed a lot of secrets for individuals that have the thought of becoming Vloggers the route to follow in order to be successful in their career. I once had thought of being a Vlogger but I don’t have video editing skills so I have to withdraw.

    This is really a great and well analyzed article, You did a great work and I enjoyed reading It.


    • Thanks so much for taking the time to go though my “How To Boost YouTube Views For Free” tutorial Bibian. I am glad that you found it interesting. Making a video scares a lot of people, so you are not the only one. Some get over the stress and some not. So if you are one of the latter, there is always a solution, here it is ~~> Work With Fiverr

      Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any questions and I will be pleased to help you.

      Have a great day.


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