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The Benefits of Social Media in Marketing — 10 Comments

  1. Hi John,

    The benefits of social media marketing are endless, in this time and era it is by far the most effective and cheap form of advertising on the globe.

    Anyone from anywhere can tap into the endless amount of traffic social media channels can provide. Whether for brand awareness, lead generation or targeted traffic social media can cater to every internet marketer’s needs.

    What makes it even more powerful is the fact that your audience can stay connected with you and get regular updates and ads from you which will eventually turn them into buyers and profits.

    Which channel do you prefer John?


    • I totally agree with your Jordan, thanks for sharing your views. I have been using Twitter basically since this platform was made available to the public, so I am a big fan of it with accounts running in the hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers.

      And what’s yours Jordan?

      Wishing a wonderful weekend.


  2. Hello John. I have read so much about social media in marketing and it’s benefits and I am excited to read more from this article you have shared. Social Media is one of the best ways for traffic generation, leads generation, brand exposure and recognition and more results. It helps us link to billions of potential customers.

    I have used social media in my marketing before and made one sale 😊

    Well, I didn’t know much about it then, that’s why. Moreover, I didn’t pay for ads. I used the Facebook groups with people interested in the niche. Social Media is very important in marketing.

    Peace out!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with social media marketing MrBiizy. If you made one sale, then you know how to make more. Personally I have never paid for ads on social media, that’s why as I explained in my article they don’t like me very much. But I do promote my business for free, intelligently though.

      So keep on going MrBiizy and best wishes.


  3. Hi John, nice review you have here on your blog on the benefits of having the social media in marketing.
    I think since the advent of the social media world in the last few decades, the world has revolved all round with the trend.
    I want to imagine how life would be without social media in this present dispensation, I think life would be incomplete and unproductive.
    A lot of benefits are attached to using social media as a medium of marketing and I think you have already done justice to them by highlighting extensively the benefits in this article.

    • Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts on “The Benefits of Social Media in Marketing” Carol. I am glad that you found my article useful and complete.

      I wish you the very best,


  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .The benefits of social media marketing are numerous and there are many benefits. I myself got a lot of benefits from here. I have an e-commerce business and I’ve been able to drive a lot of traffic for this social media. Along with this I have gained many other opportunities as my business has evolved, product quality has increased, I have learned about customer experience, increased brand recognition etc. Social media is one of the most successful ways to promote and promote a product or service for customers .

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with social media marketing in your business Shanta. I am glad that you found my article interesting.

      I wish you an excellent weekend.


  5. Thank you for this post, John. Social media marketing is just the best way of getting organic traffic to our website. Any business owner that have a brand and does not have a social media presence is missing out a lot. There are a lot of benefits social media can bring to us of which you’ve outlined above. This is definitely something every affiliate marketer should consider to take their business to the next level.

    • Thanks very much for commenting on the benefits of social media in marketing Leon. I am glad that you agree with that and that you found my article useful and to the point.

      Wishing you an excellent day.


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