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What Is the Usana Business Opportunity About? – Legit MLM or a Scam? — 14 Comments

  1. I have a close friend in college who happened to be part of Usana, though I’m lucky because he wasn’t pushy in selling me their products (lol). To date, I never knew how he was doing and if he actually succeeded with the biz opp.

    Like you, I’ve reviewed many opportunities especially MLMs, and I’m easily skeptical of them because I was afraid of recommending pyramid schemes to my readers. The compensation plan might differ with every company, but the key is whether the biz model is sustainable or not. Would you agree?

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Dominic. By the way, I like the T shirt you are wearing on your Gravatar picture, cool! 

      Well, if your friend is with Usana, it least he is with one of the best MLMs out there and as you have reviewed a number of MLM opportunities, you know what I mean. Perhaps you are in Affiliate Marketing yourself and know the difference and should introduce your friend to it.

      As you say Dominic, each of these MLMs have their own compensation plan. Some are better than others for their members, but some are really borderline with the pyramid scheme, which is totally illegal.

      It is proven that the MLM model is bound to crash one day or the other, once there are too many associates in it. This is something that can never happen with Affiliate Marketing. So, of anyone is involved in any MLM, no matter how good it is, I would suggest that they already investigate their way out and join a proven Affiliate program like the one I am reviewing in my #1 Recommendation!

      Thanks for your comment Dominic and I wish you the very best for your online projects.


  2. Unfortunately Usana numbers are not good, which happens to be way different from Jeunesse, for example. I’ve worked for another MLM company called Hinode (South America Only) that showed good numbers too. I’d say that out of personal experience is that for MLM business you need to know how to promote the products, if you don’t know how to expose the product to the market (people) you’ll stay with a lot o products in your wardrobe, because you need to buy the quota every month, and will sell a couple of items here and there. Something very different when it comes to online marketing and mainly affiliate marketing. I’ll leave the comparison board speak by itself! Awesome post!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with MLM Daniel. Obviously you are happy with what you are doing because you know how to market the product. So it is good to know that it is possible to earn with the right MLM company if you know how to do it, and don’t want to buy loads of products that you will never use, just to fill your quota and make your sponsor and owners of the company happy, right?

      But what about the beginner who knows nothing about marketing? It means that if he or she wants to follow “the dream” they just have to buy and buy the products over and over, till they go bankrupt?

      This can never happen with Affiliate Marketing for the good reason that the affiliate does NOT have to buy any product. All they have to do is to find people who are interested and put them in contact with the company which take care of everything from there on, and that’s it.

      I wish you the very best with your online projects Daniel, and I hope to see you again on this site in the very near future as I have loads more posts ready to be uploaded.



  3. Hi John

    I think Usana is not a good business opportunity because if the product are not FDA approves it will be a big challenge for a lot of people to trust in their effectiveness. They will be hesitant to put their life in danger like that.

    And your review is a good warning when it comes to Usana’s way of doing business. They are under serious scrutiny because of lying about their qualifications, what can assure us that they are not lying about their products?


    • You are quite right Adyns, a lot of people would not buy a skin product that is not FDA approved, which cripples greatly the distributor, especially the newbie who doesn’t know yet how to go about responding to such questions when brought about by their prospects.

      The publicity of their qualifications are also rather misleading and what saves them (for now) is the quality and popularity of their products, but this may not last forever, and who will go down with the ship? … the distributors of course. So perhaps it is time to jump ship!

      Wishing you the very best Adyns.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy.


  4. Wow, what an impressing thorough article you have here. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us today. After an amount of time researching opportunities to create an online income, I bumped into Wealthy Affiliate last December myself and I have never looked back. What an amazing training and what an awesome community full of helpful people who want you to succeed.

    I came in wit 0 per cent experience, now 4 months along the track I have still so much to learn but I am so pleased with all this training I have gone through and all the knowledge I have gained and all the friends I have made.

    I can recommend @wealthy affiliate to all people who enjoy working hard.

    • Thanks very much for reading my latest blog post Jude and for taking the time to share your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad that you are also a member of it as, as you say, it has the best training available anywhere online.

      I wish the very best with your newly discovered online project and please let me know if you need any help at all with it, okay?


  5. There are a lot of platforms on the internet that offer ways to make money but most of them are shady and it’s usually a monumental task finding a legit one. However, I must admit that I had no idea what The Usana Business Opportunity was until I came across it on this informative post. I’ve weighed the pros and cons but I’m not convinced enough to invest in it. I’d rather stick to affiliate marketing, which has proven quite lucrative for me. 

    • I am glad that you have found my review on Usana business opportunity interesting Carol. As you have read in my article Affiliate Marketing is by far the best place to be if you want to create a proper income for yourself, and I am glad to read that it has proved to be beneficial for you.

      I wish you an excellent, safe and healthy day working from home.


  6. Hi John,

    Thanks for another great review. You’ve provide a LOT of good information and value here for people looking to invest in their products. You’ve also provided a good summary of the benefits and drawbacks of the product so people will have good, balanced information with them before they make a decision or not.  

    • Thanks very much for your comments Nile, I am glad that you find my reviews useful and I look forward to seeing you again soon on this website as I have loads more product reviews in the pipeline.

      Have a great day and stay safe.


  7. Hey nice article you have there. This is the perfect insight anyone can get about Usana business opportunity, before venturing into any MLM business, it is pertinent that you know how they operates in respect to their products, bonuses, minimal amount to catch out and how you can earn. The Usana business tends to motivate is clients to sell more product and earn more, that is they have no restriction of income earn in ad much you sell more, you will definitely earn more.

    • Thanks very much for reading my review on the Usana business opportunity and products Edah. I am glad that you found it informative and thanks also for sharing your views.

      I wish you the very best on whatever online project that you might be involved with.

      Take care and stay safe and healthy.


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