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How to Get Traffic for Your Website Fast? – 2,500 FREE Visitors to Prove it! — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, this is a wonderful post.

    I could not wait to click “start here” to prove if I will get 2500 real website visitors for free like you outlined. Who doesn’t want to get traffic for their website fast? I hope no one. This is a very important post, I think this is just what I have been long waiting to come across. I struggle a lot with attracting traffic to my website, I hope this will help me a lot.

    This is essential, thank you very much for sharing. 

    • First of all thanks very much for being such a regular reader of my blog posts Kokontala, and for taking the time to share a comment. As you very well say, quality traffic is the lifeline of a website, but one must be very careful where and how it is acquired. By experience, it is nearly impossible to find a traffic provider who will give a free trial, so when you find one who is offering 2,500 free visitors, your only reaction should be to grab it.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects Kokontala.

      Stay safe, healthy and happy!


  2. Hi and thanks for sharing this. It does seem like a barely resistible offer – 2,500 visitors for free. From all the very valuable advice you give in this article you have clearly been doing this for a long time. Could I ask though, do you think it is necessary that your site is ready for paid traffic? I think what I mean is, this is a concern for people like myself, who have started an affiliate marketing site from scratch, from a position of total ignorance about online marketing. Currently, for most of my posts, my call to action at the end is to subscribe. In some cases where I have affiliate links embedded in the content of a post, I am a little more direct about a specific product or service in those circumstances. But I feel as if I need to pay more attention to how my site is a sales funnel before paid traffic would be viable. But maybe I am not understanding the process well. Thanks again. As I say this was a very interesting read. Best regards, Andy

    • Thanks very much for your comment and question Andy, indeed, I have been marketing online for the past 20 years and affiliate marketing is my full time occupation and retirement. 

      I know that good website traffic is the lifeline of any website or blog as Google loves to see movement of people visiting them. Sending quality traffic to your website will speedup the process of ranking. Any website, especially new ones should start to receive quality pay traffic so that the search engines begin to notice them, or they might never be noticed and raked high enough to be profitable.

      If I can give you and advice Andy, it is never too early to do that.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects.

      Have a great, safe and happy weekend,


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