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Successful Social Media Ad Campaigns Guide For 2019 — 6 Comments

  1. John, what an excellent way with words you have to highlight the importance of becoming socially active. I have started my online business only two years ago, and where last year I focused on building my websites and my content, this is the year where I want to boost my ad campaigns to bring my business to the forefront. I am far from being proficient at any of the major social networks, but I have to say they are an excellent way to promote your business. And all for free and with fun! Definitely a winner to me 🙂

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to post a comment Giulia. I am glad that you are finding interesting tips to use on your own website to render it more productive. Social media is definitely a must if you want to get people to visit your website. You will certainly be interested in reading one of my posts that I have written a while ago which attracts quite a number of interested readers and it most likely be of great use to you as well. It is entitled “Share On Social Media“.

      Enjoy it and please feel free to use the comment area to ask questions at any time.

      Best wishes of success with your online venture.

      John ツ

  2. It is just so amazing how powerful social media is. With social media, you have a greater reach. But creating those campaign are so important to your success.

    • Social media is a must for online businesses, for many reasons which are explained on a report I wrote a while ago. It is entitled “Share On Social Media“. I am sure that you will find it useful too.

      Let me know if you have any questions Norman.

      Best wishes for your online venture.

      John ツ

  3. Sir, I read with much interest your articles.
    Every post of yours has some easy tips and instructions for people like me to succeed.
    Thanks for your valuable insights!

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