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How To Sell Affiliate Products On Your Site — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks a lot for the interesting post! You definitely highlight how to sell affiliate products on your website and why everyone should be doing it!

    I also like how you touch on transparency. I agree with this, there’s no shame in letting readers know that you’ll be getting rewarded for your helpful posts.

    Out of interest, do you add affiliate links to every post?

    • Nice seeing you again on my website Stephen. I am pleased to see that you are following most of my articles. Thanks for commenting on this post too.

      To answer your question: Once your website has been live for several months and it is considered a trusted site by Google, you can start including affiliate links on just about every posts, but in moderation. How many you can post depends on your niche.

      Personally, I consider this website to be based on information and have no intention of filling every article with affiliate links (Google doesn’t like that either). I know that my readers come to me to solve some problems they have, and I respect that. If I have a product or service that I feel is of value to them, if possible, I normally point them to another page where I have specifically written something on it.

      I hope to have answered your question fully and I look forward to seeing you again on this site Stephen.

      Best wishes,


  2. Hi John,

    Thank you for this valuable article on how to sell affiliate products on my own site. I really appreciate your knowledge in this area.

    There are several great resources to find affiliate programs to join. Shareasale is a valuable site to locate vendors/merchants/sellers to earn commissions on. It is also free to join as an affiliate.

    Those that want to sell online, vendors, should not be surprised to be asked for a fee for this service.

    Personally, I love selling other peoples online digital products with a view one day to create my own to sell online. I bought recently some PDF Millionaire BluePrint that promised to earn me $100 in two weeks.

    $26 it set me back. Then it told me I had to work at it and all that and I felt I just bought a scam! I bought this product on shareasale so DO BE CAREFUL oN what you buy.

    Thanks again John on this valuable article to help others learn to how to make some money online the right way.

    All the best – Philip.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience in selling affiliate products Philip. That’s right, there are scammers everywhere, it is not only in Shareasale, which I have never used. I do promote some ClickBank products, but, again you must be very careful, especially if you have to invest in any way.

      I have been marketing online since 2001 and of all the affiliate programs I have come across, the one I liked the most is Wealthy Affiliate. I can definitely recommend it to anyone, newbie or experienced marketers alike. It is free to join and follow their first class training.

      If you have any questions on this program, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

      Best wishes,


  3. Thanks you very much How I wish I had this knowledge long way back. Seems to have learned a lot after reading this piece.Nice and very informative indeed.
    Once again, thank you

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