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How to Write an Evergreen Content — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you very much for your post. I started blogging this year and your article is a very good guidance for me to follow.

    It is important to have evergreen content in the website. I made mistakes in the beginning and wrote some simple articles, which are already out of date and I need to modified the content.

    You are absolutely right that to write evergreen content we need to identify the problems our customers are facing. After doing this, it is critical to have thorough investigation and come out a complete solutions for the problem. One question, is it fine to update the post as often as possible to make it evergreen?

    It is kind of you sharing this nice strategies of creating evergreen content. 

    • I am so glad to see you here again Anthony, your comments are always appreciated. 

      To answer your question:

      Yes, you can go back to your earlier posts and update them, but I wouldn’t think that you need to do that more than once or twice. It would be better, after updating your older articles, that you write new ones following my tutorial.

      I wish all the best for your online projects and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.


  2. As we all know content is key and the result behind traffic generation in the online business world, this is indeed going to help me in posting relevant, valuable and frequently updated information on my  website will boost search engine optimization, help position you as an expert, and allow me to build relationships with my audience with ease. 

    • I always appreciate you taking the time to comment on my various articles Seun. You seem to learn a lot from my tutorials. What’s your niche?

      Writing evergreen content is the way forward for a good SEO. Google is more and more encouraging quality content so it is best to produce high quality evergreen material from now on. Not the easiest thing to do I must admit, but with practice, it is achievable.

      Let me know of you have any questions or need any help at any time.


  3. This are all really helpful tips on writing evergreen posts. I think writing posts that draw the attention of the audience is really important. I agree when you point out that solving readers problems with the write up can be a way of getting them to come back and share the post with friends too. That way, one has sold value before a product as is the case in affiliate marketing. Overall, this is a really good post. Thanks for sharing of your ocean of intelligence

    • Wow! Henderson, I wouldn’t say that I possess an “ocean of intelligence” but I will take that as it made my day, and thanks for the compliment.

      You are totally right Henderson, as bloggers, our duty is to inform and help the public by solving a problem that they may have. Once the problem solved, they will happily buy whichever product or service we are recommending.

      Looking forward to your comments as always.


  4. Thanks for this interesting article on evergreen articles. I’m most interested in the length of the articles and word counts. I’m sure that nobody acutally counts aloud the nunber of words that they are writing. What do you use to use to measure how many words are in your posts? Is there a quick tool available to bloggers to help achieve this easily?

    • A good question Alyce. There are many simple tools you can use to count the number of words and/or characters your articles have. One that I use all the time is a free app called word-count.appslife.info, but there is even more simple than that. For example if you write your articles on a word processor, you are bound to have a word count by right clicking on your document, then selecting “tools” from the dropdown menu.

      Also, if you are writing articles on WordPress, you will find this information directly from your visual editor by clicking on the upside down exclamation mark (!) on the top bar (provided you are using the Gutenberg version).

      Hope this helps.

      Have a great day.


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