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  1. I discovered long-tail keywords about a year ago and ever since then, I’ve used them for my own blogs. The way long-tailed keywords can really cut down on competition makes them more than worth going through trouble to find. I use the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool and it has uncovered long-tails I never would’ve initially thought of and even replaced dozens of keywords I thought were decent but turned out to be so-so. These days, I’ll rarely post without first looking for all potential long-tails in my niche site. 

    • Thanks for adding your views on to my article on long tail keywords. It does confirm that using long tail keywords can really beat the competition. Myself, I spend a lot of time researching with the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool to find the right long tail keyword for my articles and reviews.

      You seem to know your stuff Todd, how long have you been writing for your blog(s)?

      I look forward to seeing you again on my blog as I always have new content coming up that are worth reading, and as usual, my readers value your thoughts very much.

      Best wishes,


  2. Basically, long tail keywords are specific set of codes that will allow Google to understand what your content is about in specific terms. And once they’re implemented in your content, it’s easier for the search engine to detect your website as it crawls to your submitted sitemaps. 

    You may search for the bunch of keywords on Jaaxy, Google trends, etc. There are various ways to collect keywords. But the long tail keywords are then implemented within the content to specify something, an idea, for example, allowing Google to know you’re talking about this and that. 

    When it does detect, it will allow you get the top spot of the SERP once you chose the keyword with the highest traffic generation. Especially if your content gathers a lot of backlinks. In Google’s eyes, it’s like telling him it’s authority content. This is what the long tail keyword in a nutshell.

    • Thanks so much Mecyll for your clear explanation which completes nicely my tutorial on “Long Tail Keywords“.It is very much appreciated.

      I see that you are a regular reader of my blog posts and I thank you for that. Your comments are always very much welcome.

      For info, I have just uploaded a guide that might interest you: “How to Create a Blog to Make Money

      Please tell me what you think.



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