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10 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work — 10 Comments

    • Thanks for your comment Matthew. I wish you the very best for your online venture and please feel free to ask questions here at any time.

      John ツ

  1. Thanks, John. Those are good, common sense ideas. I’ll be using at least some of them in my business. My business is less than 6 months old now so I’m just starting out.

    • Thanks for your comments Grant. I am glad that you find my business tips useful. Let me know if you have any questions and make sure to come back here often as there will be more interesting posts soon.

      John ツ

  2. Hi John, these tips are great. I’m so grateful to have found and joined Wealthy Affiliate as my solid foundation to succeed and scale up to surpass my business goals! I am also a retiree and a fixed income is no fun. So I plan to implement some of your great tips to insure I continue to succeed.

    Thanks You!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience as a retiree Phildora. I guess that most of us retirees need to supplement their pension. I have yet to hear someone saying that he/she is happy with whatever retirement plan they have. The Internet is a great way to earn an extra income, or a full time income, and that is not reserved to retirees. As a matter of fact, the earlier one start to prepare the better, ans so far I have not come across a better opportunity that Wealthy Affiliate.

      I wish you the very best with your online venture Phildora.

      John ツ

  3. First and foremost, I will be saving this page for later since I am very sure that I will always be in need of these information at some point or the other for me to be able to make judicious decisions concerning my small businesses. This us more than golden because you have shared very realistic and worthy tips that would be of immense benefits to any small business owner. This is great. Thanks

    • Thanks for being a regular reader of my articles Rodger and I am glad that you find some useful information on my blog.

      I wish you the very best for your online venture and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


  4. There are some great ideas. I think you make a good point of modeling after successful people. I’m a huge advocate of repurposing and not having to reinvent the wheel. If someone else has paved the way, there’s no harm in taking inspiration from what they did

    • Thanks very much for reading my article Lauren and I am glad that you liked it and agree with my views on the subject. As a matter of fact, you are advocating the same idea in your article “14 Lessons I Stole from Marketers Smarter Than Me“, which your well chosen title put a smile on my face. Well done!

      I wish you the very best for your online project Lauren.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy,


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