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What is Gold Tinkle About? Legit or Scam? – The Truth is Revealed! — 8 Comments

  1. Wow, John. Thanks for sharing this. Gold Tinkle is appealing with the trader type of business. I’m glad to have found your review and the reveal of Gold Tinkle as a scam. Good eye finding them not listed with the NFA and pretending that they are. I appreciate your work here in reviewing business opportunities. Thank you.

    • Hi Paula,

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you found my scam review on Gold Tinkle useful. Yes it is amazing to see that some people are simply lying about their products or services and how easily it is for them to trick innocent people into their scam offers.

      Looking forward to seeing you again soon on my next blog post which is about to be published.

      Have an excellent day.


  2. Nice work keeping it real with your reviews. Everyone talks a good game, but few deliver.

    By you doing this review you will give people a clear vision of what is actually going on, and how much value they will actually be getting.

    It is my first time hearing about these folks.  I am glad that you are revealing how they are passing  people information to third party.

    Where is the integrity?

    Seriously, I do not understand why people can’t think long term and just focus on helping and serving others. People are willing to do whatever it takes to get their way sometimes, even if it is lacking integrity.

    Great job with this, and thanks.

    • Thanks for visiting my website Jake, and for taking the time to post a comment, I do appreciate it.

      Let me know if you have any question or would like for me to write a review on any business opportunity you would like to know more about before getting yourself involved with it.

      I wish you a wonderful day.


  3. Hey John,

    Great review! Gold tinkle sounds absolutely terrible and nothing more than a pyramid scheme. The moment I can’t find the product they’re selling or I’m being told that the only thing they do is recruit other people I know it’s time for me to llook the other way and avoid it at all costs.

    thanks for the review.

    • Thanks for your comment Rogier and I am glad that you know the first thing to look for when it comes to finding out if it is a legit opportunity or a scam.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects.


  4. Is a piece of scam, f***ing david is not the real boss, there is a bigger boss behind the scene, it has burst trade and scam many people in asia

    • Thanks for sharing what you know about Gold Tinkle being a scam Satoshi. Hopefully you are one of those that have had a bad experience with it.

      Wishing you the very best,


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