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What Is Digital Marketing About? – The Complete Beginner’s Guide — 4 Comments

  1. This is truly a detailed beginners guide. You have defined the terms and listed the different forms of marketing and the relationship between them. I am just learning about affiliate marketing and was glad to be introduced to it becuase it was far less work than trying to sell physical products. The points here will definitely help me going forward. I have downloaded your offer. Thanks

    • Thanks very much for reading my latest guide on Digital Marketing JJ, and for taking the time to share your views. I am glad that your found it useful and I wish you the very best for your various online projects.


  2. Thanks for a very detailed analysis of digital marketing. I’m finding it’s very competitive out there these days. I’ve always wondered though, with traffic increasing online, do you think it’s inevitable that we start paying for ads to be competitive? 

    The bigger the brand the more free traffic they would have. If we were to try and compete I’m spending a lot of money on paid ads just to be seen, let alone convert. So thank you for this post I’m sure I’ll be referring to it again in the future for strategies. 

    • Thanks for commenting on my Digital Marketing guide Chris. One thing about Internet Marketing is that the regular guy like you and me can compete with the big guys out there. Let them spend their big bucks on advertising while we look out for the micro niche and the right keywords that don’t interest them, and make a killing under their noses.

      Question for you = Why do you think big brands are offering affiliate opportunities to people like us? 
      Answer = It is because they know that we are trained to do a better job than their bunch of highly paid “gurus” who only know how to rank at the top of the searches by spending their bosses money big time. For that they are willing to share a good chunk of their profits with us. And we are only paid when they make money.

      So, trust me, there will always a place for us affiliate marketers, and the tactics I have listed and explained are what we are using to succeed.

      I wish you the very best Chris,


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