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How to Improve on Your SEO? – Recycle Your Old Content! — 18 Comments

  1.  At last I’m in the right place. I was searching for a article just like this contain A to Z about SEO. i need to improve my skills on seo for my own website. For display my website infront of many people. I have learned a lote more about SEO by this article.  Thank you very much for this informative article. 

    Thanks Again…                        

    • I’m glad that you are finding this article to improve your seo useful Abir, and thanks for commenting and sharing your views with us.

      I wish you an excellent day.


  2. Really great stuff John!  I am new to this blog world and the idea of recycling old content never really occurred to me, what a fantastic angle and idea.  It totally makes sense from a keyword perspective as the rankings change and the arena is very dynamic.  I think the other aspect is what others in the space are doing to update or use the latest SEO rankings.  If you don’t update your content your rankings are going to drop like a rock.  Thank you this incredibly sage advice!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment on my latest tutorial to help my readers to improve their SEO Robert. I am glad that you found it very useful.

      I wish you the very best for your new online project.


  3. This is a helpful article especially for new affiliate users like myself.i was wondering when my articles will be get ranked on google. I made all the necessary checks to get being ranked before posting it, but to no avail. i search myself everyday and gets frustrated from time to time. But with this new revelation from your blog, i hope to improve my rankings of my articles. Great job. I like this article.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us here my friend. That’s right, sometimes a simple alteration can result in much better ranking. So, don’t get frustrated and discouraged, try some of my suggestions and let us know your results, okay?

      Best wishes,


  4. Thank you so much for sharing an excellent article.Reading your article, I realized that no website can be business-friendly without SEO.SEO is very important in order to make a website age-friendly.The very essence of SEO that you are presenting in every article in your article is very nice.

    SEO is essential to be a digital marketer.I want to share this article on my social media so that everyone is interested in SEO.

    • Thanks for sharing your views on my latest tutorial Md. Asraful and I would appreciate it very much if you would share it on your social media.

      Wishing you an excellent day.


  5. Keeping existing blogs current by adding and updating relevant content is something the search engines love and will definitely boost page ranking efforts. I have worked with a couple of local businesses achieve #1 local page ranking using the exact same methods outlined in the article. It is also important to note by extension that when a new article is being written, the author keeps in mind future changes to it and structures the content accordingly. Thanks for sharing – brilliant nugget of information to leverage.


    • Thanks very much for commenting on my blog post and for sharing your experience Sandeep. This confirms my belief and by adding your final word it completes this tutorial nicely. So what you are sharing with us is that when writing an article we must never think that it is complete. A bit like someone writing a book, hoping that it will become a best seller, he or she will always leave some suspense in the end in order to keep the door open for the next best seller.

      I really appreciate your time and wisdom Sandeep.

      Have a great day.


  6. The steps outlined to improve your site SEO are easy to follow. But some of the improvements which needs regular updating is time consuming. How often do I have to keep updating my existing posts? Have I to update all my posts or only a selected few. What happens when the site is updated as per your guide line? How quickly the website will start ranking on the first page of google? 

    • Thanks for your comment Srinivasan. As I was saying in my tutorial, updating an existing content is much less time consuming than to produce a brand new one, don’t you think so?

      Ideally, you should be updating your articles whenever they become outdated. Of course it will take a lot of your time to update all your posts if you have many but you should start looking at those that are not ranking well and try to find out why. 

      How quickly your website will start to rank on Google’s first page? It depends on how well you optimize your content.

      I wish you the very best,


  7. As always, amazing content, free of charge. You’ve basically made me a to-do list. So I’m going to start working on some of the methods and hope to see some results. I would love if you can provide more information on this topic. You’ve just given me couple of new ideas for my website. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in here.

    • Thanks for sharing your plan of action based on my tutorial Tamara. Yes, there are more exciting articles coming soon, so stay tuned, or better still, join my mailing list, if you have not done so yet, so that you will be notified as soon as a new tutorial is available.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects.


    • Thanks for sharing you views on the subject Logan. You are absolutely right, SEO is the fondation of any healthy and productive website or blog.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects.

      Stay safe and healthy,


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