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How to Optimize an Image for WordPress — 4 Comments

  1. Hello John, another great post from you expatiating more on the topic of how to optimize an image for WordPress sites. Due to image qualities of some site, they tend to suffer in maintaining site speed and that might be a turn off for that. However, I would take in more from the ideas I have developed through reading this post. Sheer informative one. Thanks

    • Thanks so much for commenting on this blog post as well RoRarrick. I do appreciate your regular visits and views on the various subjects that I am sharing here.

      I wish you the very best and I am looking forward to your next visit, and comments.


  2. Hello John, this is a really good post. I think it is important to  have a very fast site and having an image that is too big can slow down how fast the site loads. I never knew there was a solution to that. I guess we learn everyday. I’m glad I was able to learn this here. I will diligently follow this 

    • I am glad that you found my article on “How to Optimize an Image for WordPress” useful Henderson.

      I look forward to seeing you on my website again soon as your comments are very valuable to my readers.

      Best wishes,


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