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Creative Marketing Strategies For Small Business — 6 Comments

  1. The main marketing model I am using for my blog right now is affiliate marketing but I want to start scaling up…

    I was thinking about starting with email marketing as well as start a YouTube channel in order to take advantage of the potential video marketing offers.

    My blog is relatively new so what would you suggest?

    • Thanks for being a regular reader of my blog posts Harry and your comments are very much appreciated by my audience.

      So what you should do is to continue to write quality content for your blog, 2 to 3 posts of about 2,000 words a week if you can. But remember that quality is better than quantity, so the aim is not to fill the page with useless information just to reach 2,000 words, as it is better to have a 1,200 words article of very useful information than a 2,500 words blogpost of useless information, okay?

      Then, you can at the same time start building your email marketing list. I have written a very informative article sometime ago entitled ~~> How To Start An Email List – 3 Basic Steps

      At the same time, start your YouTube channel. Again, here is a blogpost that I have written which will help you get started ~~> How To Record A Video For YouTube?

      Let me know if you have any questions, and do share your results with us.

      Good luck!


  2. Creative marketing is growing. Traditional marketing is now being left behind by online marketing rather than doing it in the street or in the real world. The virtual world covers easily 100 times more than person to person or on your premises or street. My favorite nowadays is Affiliate marketing strategies. Beause it covers a lot of means and ways to earn passive income such as blogging, product review and a lot more. Content marketing is what I am trying to get into seriously because the better the content the better is the ranking in the search engine. Gone are the days where you can trick the search engines such as Google to copy and paste your stolen work. nowadays you need to come up a convincingly your origuinal piece of work with valua, usfulness and relevance to the propective audience or market. Tweet to tweet is a fine harmless way of promoting products or services you enjoy so marketing recommendation is one thing I want to do. I am also dng the particiasting marketing where my main motive is to grow my network for my future strategies. I believe we need to build our network in integrity and genuine appraoch of giving something of real value including to your target market. The general market is the place to go where you are not sure where to put up your business online. overall it is a good help to specify in terminology the things we have been doing. Most of the 25 on the list are actually very popular and I am aware of them. Still, it is good to know the best list for strategizing into your market 

    • Thanks very much for giving such a long and detailed views on the subject of creative marketing strategies for small business, and I am glad that you already knew about these tactics, but are you using them for your online business? Of course, if you know of any that you are successfully using, my readers and myself would be very happy to know about them.

      I wish you all the success that you deserve for your online marketing efforts.


  3. Your article is wonderful and loaded with important means of marketing products,I understand every area mention by your explanation and I have gain a lot of techniques through your write-up,You have what it takes to rock high in an online business,what a great and intelligent educative article of yours,To be sincere have not heard about this one Neuromarketing is called advertising that sells sensations to the consumer. It is demonstrated that people react to stimuli and that response will lead us to make decisions.You have done a great job,thank you.

    • I am glad that you found this article interesting Abayomi and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject. I see that you are an avid reader of my blog posts, so I am assuming that you have subscribed to my newsletter, thanks for doing that Abayomi.

      I wish you the very best for your projects.

      Have a great day,


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