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10 Digital Marketing Lessons Businesses Should Learn from in 2021 — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for this great information, I think this 10 digital marketing lessons to learn will help alot and it will help those that want to learn online business, it is a great lesson to apply for the starting up online business and most advanced traders, this lesson will help alot of people and to those planing to start online business. Thanks for this great piece of information you have shared 

    • Thanks very much for your comment Nelson. I do agree with you, this article that was presented by Jessica Bullet is a real eye opener for anyone involved in online marketing.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects Nelson.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy,


  2. I love your list. While one is not more important than the other, I agree especially with your #2.  Content does increase visibility. More importantly, FRESH content is what gives you Google love and keeps you rising in the ranks. Early in my affiliate marketing career, I learned that “content is king” – but it has to be informative, relevant to the keywords you’re using, and it has to be relevant to what searches type. In the past, when the internet was in its infancy, people could put any kind of stuff in their content. They could “keyword stuff” and they rose easily to page 1 on Google. That is no longer the case. Since the internet is the information highway, Google only wants premium content. Great post.

    • Thanks for sharing your views with my audience Shalisha, and for expending a little bit more on the subject of content marketing. Good stuff Shalisha!

      I wish you the very best for your online projects.

      Stay safe and healthy,


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