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The Amazon Cash Websites Review – Scam or Legit? — 6 Comments

  1. Why do I feel like Amazon needs to take a big step against this nonsense. How can they use the name of Amazon just so they can get peoples attention and make them fall victim. That is unfair. The owner is also not transparent and that’s already a big flag to be aware of. I was reading this review and I don’t see any good things bout it. Its not even using the affiliate marketing model it claims. I need to share this post to warn people of the dangers of this evil doers.

    • I can feel your frustration while reading your comment Henderson. Like you, I wish that many of my readers will share this blog post with their friends, fans and followers, it will help a great deals towards our mission as bloggers to get these scammers out of business once and for all.

      I wish you an excellent day Henderson.



  2. Thanks John, im really lucky to have come across this review on Amazon cash websites, just few days ago my wife who is into only deals came across this scam program and had high hopes on it. I told hr I’ll help her find out about it to see if its legit or not. She would be heart broken about the news but I know its the best. Thanks again for taking your time to make research into this scammers. 

    • I’m glad that you came across this scam review on the Amazon Cash Websites program Dane. Your wife will certainly be disappointed, but better be sorry now than later when she might lost her money on it. 

      Just in case you have not done it yet, it would be very useful to others (your friends, social fans and followers) if you would share this article with them.

      Best wishes,


  3. Thanks for the detailed review of amazon cash websites. I must say that I got very disappointed to find out that this is actually a scam. I thought it was a realistic and legit way to make money online especially since it carries the name of amazon. Wow! Nothing can be trusted online again. The fact that they made bogus and unrealistic claims actually pulled me off but them, I felt the name tag with Amazon would really mean no danger is in the program. I must definitely share this out to people to make sure no one fall a victim to this Amazon cash websites, thanks for the review.

    • Thanks so much for visiting my website again today RoDarrick, it is always a great pleasure to read your comments and views on my articles.

      That’s exactly what this Chris bloke was banking on when he created this scam program, pretending that it had a direct link to Amazon. As I said in my review, I am surprised that he has not been sued yet and put out of business.

      I wish you the very best for your online ventures RoDarrick.

      Have a great day.


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