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How To Get Free Website Traffic — 4 Comments

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  1. Thanks for the the very informative and detailed article, Youtube has always scared me as I get intimidated by some very awesome videos there but your post has given me a new insight and I think am gonna try it.  

    Also between google adwords and facebook ads which have you had better results with because I was thinking of going this way too.

    • I’m glad that you liked my latest article about “How To Get Free Website Traffic” Larry. Creating your own videos is often what scares a lot of people away. Unfortunately, it is the way forward as more and more people prefer to watch a video rather than reading a long page of information.

      I think that you should take the plunge Larry, you might surprise yourself. I have seen so many websites and saw videos created by people who are nowhere near to be professionals, they are not perfect, but they don’t need to be. And if you see their YouTube statistics, you will see how popular they are.

      Of course, the other way around is to hire the services of a freelancer like on Fiverr who will do a great job for you, often for a reasonable price.

      To answer your question about the results I’ve had between Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. To tell you the truth, I am not a big fan of Facebook. I do promote quite extensively for my businesses and other clients, not only on Facebook, but also on about 50 different social platforms and have quite a good response, but it is limited to that.

      Adwords is certainly one of my favorites, along with LeadsLeap. Both are getting me a lot of traffic along with an excellent conversion rate.

      I hope to have answered your questions fully Larry and I wish you the very best for your online enterprise.


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