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Is InboxPounds A Scam? — 12 Comments

  1. A good read, but the inability to provide a real communication function that can faciliate complaints and other feedback is not what you want out of a platform which you expect to utilise for ongoing success and profit.

    If you look at how many global platforms there are out there in the stratosphere to delve into, it does seem to fall short.

    I agree though, falls short of the scam category, but it also falls short of the long term income source of substance category as well.

  2. This seems like a legit but working so hard to earn do little is more or less worthless down the line. Also these negative comments about reaching Gold status only to stop getting job proposals is a bit alarming. In the end it seems you are very dependent on this program and can cut your income lifeblood any moment which is very risky. I agree that there are much better ways to earn money online. This here doesn’t seem to be one.

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my InboxPounds scam review Stratos. As you say, there are programs that offer some much better ways to make a living online, like Wealthy Affiliate, to name just one, and the best that I know of.

      Unfortunately, not only InboxPounds is known for cutting you off your hard earned income, often when you are starting to earn a certain amount. I have had such experiences during online career.

      By the way Stratos, have you had a moment to read my latest article? When you have a chance please do so and I would appreciate reading your views on it …

      – What is ClickFunnels.com About?

      I wish you the very best,


  3. Hey,

    this review reminds me of similar sites I’ve tried out. Never stayed on one for very long though, since, as you said, you spend a lot of time completing a task and almost earn nothing. InboxPounds sounded like a more serious alternative at first sight, but it seems it is the same kind of platform. Thanks for your honest review!

  4. Inboxpound is not a scam just that they want to create awareness that there’s no cheap success. Also,they want to make it known to their users that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Lol 😂.

    They have many goodies to offer but it does benefit its gold member than the plankton (beginners). Come to think of it, how can you work your self out and get delayed or no return at the end? That is the discouraging part of it. I have work with them for several months now and what I get serves as a backup for both my salary and the profit I do get from my oneside business. This is my choice.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with my readers Stella. Good to have the views of someone who actually is using InboxPounds and I am glad that you are benefiting from it, every little bit of income helps, right?

      I have recently written a review on a program on which I would value your views very much:

      – What is ClickFunnels.com About?

      Looking forward to reading from you soon.


  5. Hi John

    It seems from your review that “InboxPounds” tag line “The online rewards club that pays” may be anything but that. The most important thing about doing work for others is getting paid at the end of the day, if “InboxPounds” aren’t living up to this minimum requirement then it feels a bit dodgy to me. Maybe I’m wrong and there are people out there who like spending a lot of time on something to earn very little but it’s not for me. Really appreciate you writing this article and highlighting to the rest of us exactly what this “opportunity” is all about.

    Out of curiosity did you actually stay in this program long enough to qualify for a payout?

    • Thanks very much for your views on InboxPounds Dominic. Some of my readers have reported using this program and their opinions vary, but generally, it seems that for those who are happy with it, it is just for an extra income, they are not expecting much from it. One thing is sure, it is that it is not a scam.

      I used it for a while before writing my report and stayed long enough to reach my payout threshold, but left soon after. I decided that the work involved was not justifying the income. Nothing in comparison with Wealthy Affiliate, where you know what you are doing and earn according to your efforts. 

      I wish you the very best Dominic.


  6. Hello John,

    Thanks a lot for your post. I did not know about Inboxpounds before. I am a beginner of affiliate marketing business. But I could not aware about the system of online income source. After reading your post I got to know clearly about the system of online income. You also mentioned about another companies that are FusionCash, SurveyJunkie, SwagBucks and InboxDollars which are also as Inboxpounds company. 

    Your informative post have increased my knowledge. Sometimes I’m sick, which is why I won’t come in online. Is it dangerous for my online business?

    • Hi Zihad,

      Thanks for commenting on my InboxPounds Scam review, I do appreciate it. Indeed, there is a lot to learn about making money online and if you do want to learn it, the best training that I know is at Wealthy Affiliate. There you can’t go wrong, plus it is free to join.

      Being sick only affects the lack of time that you would spend learning how to become a successful online marketer, so I hope that you are not that often sick Zihad.

      Let me know if you have any questions, or have anything that I can help you with.


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