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How To Place Free Ads Online — 4 Comments

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  1. Hmm…I never thought about placing free ads before, much less know about the existence of such sites. I have a blog that promotes affiliate products. If I am using this strategy, do I link the ad directly to my website or should I create a landing page for the ad just like what we usually do for PPC?

    Also, will creating all these free ads produce a negative impact to my site’s ranking? Thanks for the tips.

    • Thanks very much for your questions Cathy. I have been promoting just about everything that needs to be put out there (my blog posts, products that I promote as an affiliate, or my own, etc.) ever since I started marketing online, which is since 2001, I do both, free and paid advertising, mostly free. A well written advert can be very successful, so do not overlook free.

      One of my favorite advertising sites is LeadsLeap. You can advertise your products or services as a free or pro member. The Pro membership is very affordable and has the advantage that once you placed your adverts, they are circulated around the right places and you have nothing to do except if you want to tweak or replace some of them.

      It is usually preferable to create a landing page for the adverts so that your prospects won’t feel that they have landed on something other than what they were looking for, and you can collect contact details for your mailing lists.

      And lastly, advertising on free supports will not affect your ranking in any way so nothing to worry about on this subject.

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