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Is Paid Social Media Jobs Legit ? Or Is It A Scam ? — 8 Comments

  1. That’s a really cool idea:

    You can manage other people social network activity and get paid. 

    I wonder how much do they pay? 

    Do they pay by the task or by the amount of words written?

    You mentioned there are kind of a ladder of responsibility you have to go through in order to gain access to bigger jobs, how long is it estimated a person will take to get consistent revenue from this kind of service?

    Thank’s a lot,


    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to comment Bruno. Paid Social Media Jobs offer a variety of clients who are looking for people willing to work on their social networks as freelancers. The rate of pay and amount that someone can earn depends on the time that person has worked, the value of the reviews they have collected, which is of course directly linked to the quality of the jobs delivered.

      The rate and mode of payment are determined by the business offering the task, therefore varies a lot from business to business. All these conditions are listed by the business offering the job, so the freelancer is advised to pay close attention to it before accepting a task.

      Then, to answer your last question, freelancers who have been delivering the more jobs and received better reviews will obviously be presented at the top of the searches. So seniority and quality play a major role in the search results.

      I hope to have answered your questions Bruno, and I look forward to seeing on this website again soon.

      I am taking this opportunity to recommend my latest reviews which I hope you will find interesting:

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      I would be most grateful if you would let me know what you think.


  2. After reviewing the review, I believe the Wealthy Affiliate program is a better program.  It offers a few important tools, like the keyword search tool, that the Paid Social Media Jobs program doesn’t, and in my opinion, that is one of the key benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate program.  What I was also very interested in is the LeadsLeap program on your sidebar.  That one looks pretty cool and I downloaded your free report, so I’m currently going to read that and see if it might be something I want to try.  Thanks.

    • Thanks for visiting my website and for having a look at everything that is on offer. That’s right Babsie, with Wealthy Affiliate you cannot go wrong, it is definitely the best money making opportunity that I have come across in my over 15 years of marketing online. I see that you have also joined LeadsLeap, well done. It is an amazing program full of free tools to help build any other money making programs that you may working on. I have been a PRO member for many years and it help get loads of members in my downlines in any of the businesses I am running, including Wealthy Affiliate.

      I look forward to seing you here often Babsie and I wish you the very best.


  3. Thanks for the honest review about the Paid Social Media Jobs! A review like this happens to be the most laudable one as you’ve carried out thorough research about the product under review prior to writing anything about it at all. This is what we simply referred to as a honest review. It’s such in which the reviewer had used the product or interviewed those who had already used it.

    Kudos for the table drawn that compares and contrasts between Wealthy Affiliate and Paid Social Media Jobs! I didn’t know that Paid Social Media Jobs offers hosting services. This is awesome. I’ll surely try it out.

    Israel Olatunji

  4. Thank you for sharing this great review about paid social media.

    After I read your review and comparing Wealthy Affiliate to pay social I can say that this is program I great for people who need to make money and for freelancers who are searching for people to work for them.

    As we grow as marketers is really good to have a place where we can hire people to work in something we need, especially when we are busy in other task of our business.

    Do you offer internet marketing  training ? 

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website Gualdemar and for taking the time to post a comment on my “Paid Social Media Jobs” scam review article.

      As you say, there is no better place to be for an affiliate marketer, being a newbie or a seasoned Internet marketer, than at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Yes indeed, not only that Wealthy Affiliate offer a complete free training, but I also provide a one-on-one tutorial to all those that join at this link ~~> FREE tutorial.

      I look forward to seeing you in this site again soon Gualdemar.


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