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How And Who To Follow On Twitter — 10 Comments

  1. Oh, wow!  I thought I already knew how to use Twitter, but I seriously didn’t get the news about “lists”. I’m gonna make lists today. And start looking for my “future partners” too! Great info & advice. Do you think you can offer up a list of writing prompts, or suggestions of what to talk about for Twitter? I find that can be an issue for posting regularly. Thank you!

    • Glad to see you again on my website and thanks for taking the time to comment on my “How And Who To Follow On Twitter” blog post. You might also be interested in having a look at this article too: Share On Social Media, enjoy it.

      One thing to remember is that Twitter, as all social platforms, are places intended to socialise, therefore links, especially affiliate links are not welcome. Therefore it is best to share tips, motivational quotes, recipes, etc., especially if you want to gain fans and followers, as opposed to losing some. Of course, as an Internet Marketer, you want to promote your business, so, the rule of thumb is to post at least 4 – 5 none promotional messages for one with a URL.

      Also, social media have recently decided that affiliate links are not welcome, so, if your line of business if to promote affiliate products or services, you will need to do that through a website or blog. This is not a problem as you can create niche websites in literally minutes, and for free. If you are interested, here is another article that might be of interest to you ~~> How To Create A Free WordPress Website (In Minutes).

      Let me know if you have any questions on anything and I will be more than happy to sort you out.

      Best wishes,


  2. Hi John,

    Thanks so much for your article on how and who to follow on twitter so that will help boost our business to progress. I like the idea of following the followers of your competitors, since you’re in the same business, it means that getting their followers will be a very good idea and will enhance the progress of the business as well.

    Also, I think following my influencers is a very good thing to do. I will also look at the list and then work on my future business partners. I really like all the stuff and good information you have shared with us. 

    I’m going to follow you too on the links you shared with us. Thanks so much for the valuable information you have shared with us.


    • I am glad that my article proved to be useful to you Stephen, and thanks for commenting on it. It is definitely the best way to build up your list of Twitter followers very quickly and making sure that you follow people that have the same interests as yours, and are in the same niche. The only thing is to make sure that you only follow people who seem to be real and active.

      One way to do that is by their username, for example avoid following users that are @johnsmith1234 or @qwerty09876, and have hundreds of thousand of followers and have posted only 2 or 3 Tweets. Just use some common sense really.

      You might also like to read Share On Social Media and What Time To Post On Social Media?

      Let me know if you have any questions.


  3. Thank you for this great article. I have not gotten into Twitter but it is a step in my online business plan. Until I started an online business I didn’t see much reason to go on Twitter. Your article is helpful because I’m a complete beginner to Twitter. Actually I’ve only tried using the interface once or twice, and couldn’t get my tweet to go through or something. I don’t know what Twitter’s like but I’d probably be careful not to follow so many people that my Twitter feed gets over-loaded. On the other hand with other things like YouTube I subscribe to pretty much everyone but I just never actually keep up with the notifications, because of too many. Thanks!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience (or no experience rather) with Twitter. So, it is about time that you get started and by following my tutorial you should be fine. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help, okay?

      Best wishes,


  4. I have a business profile on twitter and I really have no idea how to run it or increase my followers. All I just do is to post content about my business which is a website and maybe follow one or two people. I am not really active and I even tend to abandon my twitter account sometimes. 

    Building that followers list is really difficult and I just don’t know how to do it. Most times when you follow people they just refuse to follow you back. Everyone is thinking about themselves and not others. Sometimes some even follow you and later unfollow you as soon as you follow them back. This has become a common practice in the platform as most people want to have more followers than the number of people they personally follow.

    • Thanks for sharing your views on your Twitter account Manuel. Well I hope that my article will put you on the right track and that it will enable you to follow the RIGHT people who will not just unfollow you the moment you follow them back, these are most likely those that I am talking about who are risking to be suspended by Twitter. 

      Anyway keep doing what I am explaining in my tutorial and with patience you will be fine.

      It does take time to build a good and responding Twitter account. I have started my main Twitter account in January 2009 and it is now reaching its 100,000 good, faithful and responsive followers. I have to regularly post something of interest on it and clear it of its unwanted followers.

      One thing that I didn’t talk about in my tutorial, which I am going to add to it right now, is the importance of never, EVER, and I main NEVER buy followers from any sources, no matter how promising it may be, your purchased followers will be 99% fake accounts. That’s a guarantee!

      So, I wish you the very best Manuel and be patient with your Twitter account.


  5. Hello 

    I really would like to learn some things about Twitter because it’s easy to handle but you have to know some tips in order to work well. These tips about lists and partners, like unfollowing them. I really believe that it’s more professional, you have only to know these things that will attract your customers. Thanks for the useful article and the articles at the end that are really helpful.

    • Thanks very much for taking the time to comment on this tutorial. Well, I’m sure that by taking it step by step you will eventually conquer and master all the benefits that you can get out of your Twitter account. 

      You do not need to learn it all at once, but once in a while make it a point to learn another tool that they have on offer, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, okay?

      Have a great day,


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