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Is Max International a Scam? — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for creating this so much needed awareness about the max international, Your review properly exposed their mode of operation, most of this MLM platforms out there are all about ripping people off their hard earned money and that’s really wrong. I will also state that people should get their facts right before venturing into all this online platforms. 

    • Thanks for commenting on my latest scam review about Max International Charles. I do agree with you about doing a proper research before joining any sort of money making program. Unfortunately, scammers have become very clever at hooking people in need of money, and their favorite target is also people who are new to the Internet.

      As for MLM, as I am saying in my scam review, I have been in Multi Level Marketing for years, in different countries and in some of the top MLM companies, so I know how they operate and what kind of people they are targeting. So, MLM is to be banned by all means.

      I wish you the very best Charles.



  2. Another MLM business model system, max international is simply another system that I would never want to get myself involved with. Various lawsuita against them and that is really downgrading their credibility. Also, the fact that they offer an mlm model which overtime has been known to enjoy very little success rate on the part of the distributors. I would rather not waste my money on this. Thanks for uncovering all these details about them.

    • Thanks for sharing your views Tracy and I am glad that you agree with me that MLM is thing of the past. It had its many years of glory till people started to realize that only a few, and only those that joined early, were making the money on the back of those that came in later.

      To make real money nowadays, where everyone has a chance to make it with their own work and determination, there is nothing better than Affiliate Marketing.

      I wish you the very best for whichever online project you are on Tracy.



  3. John, I thank you for sharing this review on Max International. In the past I have tried MLM several times and failed each time. Finally I came to my senses and stopped joining these MLM companies. They are all scams that prey on unsuspecting individuals. MLM companies and distributors promise riches but, the truth of the matter is that the compensation plans are set up to pay only the founder and his personal sponsored distributors at the expense of all the distributors under them. Sadly these MLM companies are now tell people the lie that they are affiliate marketing which of course they are not. I hope the government steps in and shuts down all MLM companies.

    • I see Tom, you seem to have quite an experience with MLM. As a matter of fact, before Affiliate Marketing was invented, millions of people joined some MLM schemes as they appeared to be like God sent money making opportunities. The presentations were so well prepared that you really thought that you were going to become a millionaire by adding people in your down line, but the dream only came true for those at the top.

      Luckily Affiliate Marketing came to the rescue where everyone with an Internet connection, a dream and determination has a chance to strike it rich.

      I wish you the very best Tom!


  4. Personally I had not experienced with these kinds of  MLM system and I had no idea about this Max International product until today. I came across your scam review post and I found it to be informative post that has positive impact on your viewers decision to not being rush to join this program.I am totally agree with you about affiliate marketing and its huge potentials and abilities that lead people to the right path resulting in become successful in online business.

    I have read your recommendation regarding Wealthy Affiliate and it sounds this platform to be the best program to join and get required training and knowledge from learning of build-up Website to learning Niche,keyword research,create content,etc.

    Thanks for bringing awareness to us by writing the informative posts

    I bookmarked your page

    • Thanks very much for reading my blog post and for taking the time to comment on it Shirian, I do appreciate it. I hope that you will follow my advice and join Wealthy Affiliate as it is THE program made not only for newbies but also experienced Affiliate Marketers of all levels of expertise.

      When you join and need any help to succeed, please make sure to call on me at any time, okay?

      Best wishes,


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