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  1. Hi John,

    Excellent article – Any excuse will do really! When people are looking for excuses or giving excuses for not doing something they are really just listing down reasons not to do it – whatever it may be. I call these people excusers!.

    I really like the graph of failure rate pretty interesting after the initial peak I am theorising that with time people become more tired of the 9-5 and much more determined to succeed, hence a reducing failure rate. Great article!

    • Thanks so much for commenting on my “How To Create A Niche Website ?” blog post Derek. I see that you are a regular visitor to my website, so I imagine that you enjoy reading my articles. I am glad to know that.

      As you know, more and more people are turning to working from home for the many reasons we know:

      – Less jobs available

      – Forever increasing cost of commuting

      – Necessity to have two or more income streams in a household

      – etc. etc.

      So yes, working from home online is really the way forward. But one thing that we shouldn’t underestimate though, is that it is necessary to learn how to do that properly if we really want to succeed in “Firing the boss“. For that it is necessary to learn from some reputable online training, such as ~~> Wealthy Affiliate.

      I wish you the very best Derek.


  2. Dear John,

    Thanks a lot for the great informative post on How To Create A Niche Website?. When I started my blogging career I was stuck and not sure, on what I need to create my website or on choosing my Niche.

    To be honest, I nearly spent two months in order to choose my niche…

    Your topic on “I have no business ideas” is awesome on determining the niche and I strongly believe it will act as a blueprint for many. Thanks for the advice!

    I am going to take your advice and focus on creating quality content. Once again I gained a lot of knowledge from your blog post (As always).

    Wishing you much success!

    Your Friend,


    • Hi Paul,

      I am pleased to see you here again, and thanks for sharing your views. I am glad to know that you are learning something from each and every blog post that I write.

      On the subject of creating quality content, you might find this previous article useful ~~> Tips For Creating Quality Content

      I look forward to your comments, and questions of course.


  3. Thank you for sharing this article. If there’s anything that your 15 years of experience has shown it is that you have gained enough wisdom and knowledge of websites and blogging and this shows with how informative and detailed your article is which I’m sure will be very beneficial to anyone who reads your article and learns from it. 

    • Thanks very much for your compliment and kind words Sean. That’s right, I do hope that many of my readers will benefit from my experience and share on their social platforms.

      Stay safe and healthy!


  4. I love how you present the three biggest excuses that hold people back. They are all so true. So many people without education and means have succeeded so why should we not believe we also can? All it takes is enormous patience because when you start, the enthusiasm is big but after a few months or maybe a year there can be self-doubt and impatience. 
    I have also started with the Wealthy Affiliate program and now I have two niche websites. It is not always easy to find enough time to write and study everything necessary to succeed, but after a year I can see some commissions coming, and even though they are not big, they are what keeps me going. 

    • Thanks very much for taking the time to comment on my article and to share your experience with affiliate marketing Lenka. Because of your patience and determination you are now on your way to success.

      I wish you the very best and if you have any questions or need any help please do not hesitate to contact me at any time, okay?



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