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Is CBproAds a Scam? – Or a Legit Money Making Opportunity for 2023? — 32 Comments

  1. You definitely make a valid point. If it were a scam, it would not have even lasted a year in the making or in the doing. I am so glad that I ran into your article because I have been unsure whether CBproAds was a scam but from what I can see from your experience and expertise, it is not. I am glad that I now know this!

    • Thanks so much for reading my latest scam review on CBproAds Misael, and for taking the time to comment. I am glad that it gave you confidence in the program and I hope that you will give it a try, as a free or a Lifetime Pro member.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Best wishes,


  2. Hi there!  I really enjoyed reading this post as it has been very informative for me.  I myself am in affiliate marketing, and I do not have ads on my site yet.  I am a member of ClickBank but have not used any of their programs since I could not find any related to my niche that would be good to use.  Besides, it is very confusing and intimidating when on the platform trying to find things.  

    I love this idea of using CBproAds!  If they really pick them for you and you can customize to look the way you want, this might just be what I am looking for when promoting ads.  I also have never heard of “bloghopping”, I can’t believe people actually do that!  

    As for the traffic, well I do have some percentage of organic traffic.  Most of it is direct and the rest is social media.  I always thought I would let my traffic build on its own, paying for it seems like cheating to me.  But in some circumstances it might be useful.  What do you think?  I saw that you do use this.  Did you not have any organic traffic, which made you take that route?

    Also is it true that free members do not have their unique id on every ad?  How do they get compensation for these ads?  

    This is something I might seriously look into very soon.  If all the ducks line up 🙂

    Thank you 


    • Thanks very much for your comments and questions Angela. Personally, I wouldn’t wait before joining CBproAds and put your niche ads on your website. Of course the more traffic you will have better the chances of making money will be. But, where is the starting point? Why not start making a bit of money now, and more as your traffic will increase?

      The free membership is good as it is … “free”, but the Lifetime Pro membership, for such a little on off payment of $59.95 (or $34.95 if you hurry) gives you twice as much chances of making ClickBank sales with no effort. It is amazingly easy to setup and it shows exactly the ads that your website visitors want to see.

      If you look at my website: EasyToRetire (which is only one of them), you can see the adverts in the left column, and within my articles as well, some are created by CBproAds, and I also have a full page: Top Tips, which is a “Niche Storefront”. All these were set up in a few clicks and I can change them at any time, also in a few clicks. So, yes it is very easy to use and also very lucrative (on auto).

      Now coming to the question of buying traffic, there is nothing wrong with that provided that you know where you get it from. Everyone needs good traffic to their website in order for Google to rank you, it is not cheating, it is an SEO technique that is regularly used by Internet marketers. It is also very much recommended for new blogs or websites in order to get them started and ranked quicker. Totally legal and safe!

      I see that on your website: Heavens Aroma Coffee you are selling Amazon products which is “okay“, but they do pay peanuts in affiliate commissions, especially since recently, right? Personally, I have given up on them. I don’t mean that you should stop that as every penny counts, but you should really try CBproAds and put a couple of banners, and even add a “Niche Storefront” page like I did.

      I hope to have clearly answered all your questions Angela, if not please contact me again. And if you have anymore questions, make sure to contact me as well, okay?

      Stay safe and healthy,


      • Hi John! Thank you for getting back to me so swiftly.

        You did answer my questions and I think helped me make up my mind on this subject.

        Amazon does offer very low commissions and I’m still in my probationary period with zero sales as of yet.

        I think I’ll let it run out and if no sales by the end I will let them go and try a different route. In the meantime I will definitely look into CBproAds. I would like to see more traffic and some sales in the next few months.

        Hopefully this will be just what I need!

        Thank you for this valuable information!

        Stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful holiday!


        • Thanks for responding to my reply Angela. I think your website is great and I would let your Amazon affiliate follow its course, if you become a confirmed seller great, if not, it is not a big deal as it is very common that one doesn’t get confirm during the first probation period, in this case all you will have to do is to re-apply. But if I were you I would not spend too much time writing articles targeting Amazon products specifically. As they say, don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. Keep your Amazon ads in such a way that you can quickly swap your Amazon affiliate ID if you need to re-apply, okay?

          Then, I don’t want to frighten you, but this happened to several of my friends, and to me quite recently: first, as it is a common practice with Amazon, they regularly reduce their affiliate commission rates and they did it again quite recently. So imagine having a website that is going very well and suddenly you learn that your income will be halved. And worse in my case (and it happened also to others): I had 2 websites with only Amazon products promoted, going on for over 3 years, with hundreds of articles on each, product reviews, etc. My saless were going very well, and one morning I was unable to access my Amazon affiliate account and there was a message on it saying that my account had been closed due to violation of the Amazon seller Terms of Service (ToS). At first I thought that it must be a mistake as I have been very careful to make sure to follow the rules, so I contacted Amazon support asking them for explanations in the hope that they would unlock my account, or at worse, point me to where I was infringing the regulations. After many attempts to have a reply, my account is still locked and I have no reply from them (which seem to also be a common practice with Amazon). So here I am with 2 perfectly optimized but useless websites promoting Amazon products for which I am not receiving any commissions, which commissions stay in the pockets of Mr. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon. It is no wonder that he is now the richest man in the world.

          Okay, now that I’ve got it out of my chest, as I said, keep your Amazon ads as they are for now and wait and see what happens, keep Amazon as an extra income (every penny counts online), look for other affiliate products in your niche which pay more than Amazon (that can’t be difficult). ClickBank pays much more than anywhere else on the market, but understand that they are only digital products, but there are thousands of books available on ClickBank that you can promote on your website that have something to do with coffee.

          As for CBproAds, it is an amazing tool that will permit you to show related ClickBank products for your niche on your website, automatically. Even a full page on your website as you have seen on mine, or even if you don’t have a website, you can create one in just a few clicks with CBproAds.

          Hope you don’t find my comment too long, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

          Best wishes,


      • Oh John I love your article. I had no idea, thanks for informing us of this service. Why haven’t we heard of CBproAds before, being a 13 year old company?
        I will slide right over and investigate for myself. Thank you again.

        • Thanks for your comment Lisa. I guess that it is not very much publicized is the reason why we don’t hear about CBproAds. I highly recommend that you give it a try and see for yourself how easy it is to make money with it. You won’t regret it!


  3. Hi there! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on CBproAds and their legitimacy. Although I’ve been in affiliate marketing for awhile, I hadn’t came across this before. Perhaps it is because the name sounds a bit dodgy to me and I would have likely not given it time to look. Thanks for confirming that CBproAds is legitimate and not a scam; this gives me the confidence to explore it fuller! 🙂 

    • I’m glad to have cleared up your doubts about CBproAds and I hope that you will give it a try soon.

      Let me know if you have any questions and/or need any help setting yourself up, okay?



  4. Thank you John for the comprehensive and honest review of CBproAds.  The storefront WordPress plugin is so powerful and brings all Clickbank offers in one place. It helps you save tons of time by only creating one CB affiliate link to promote thousands of products instead of spending hours creating hop links for individual products. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful CB promotional tools. How can l get access to the CBproAds landing page or the plugin. All the links l am clicking on your website are all leading to the store front.

    • Woww! Amos, it looks like you have done you homework, well done! To have access to the plugin or landing pages, and everything, you must first signup for the free or pro (far better) membership at:   https://easytoretire.com/CBpro

      Let me know if you have any other questions, okay?

      Take care, stay safe and healthy,


  5. I have never used ClickBank or CBProAds but I find this to be an interesting new way to promote my website.  I also think that it offers storefronts to promote ClickBank or another niche is helpful for those beginners who may not know where to start.  But then to also have a plugin for an established website?  Sounds like there’s something for everyone here.  Thank you for posting.

    • You are absolutely right Cynthia, ClickBank products and CBproAds are excellent and easy to promote products on a website. And one does not need to wait for their website to have a lot of traffic to get started as there are no requirements, all applications are automatically accepted.

      Therefore they are great products that can provide an income very early on.

      Thanks very much for sharing your views Cynthia and I wish you the very best for whatever projects you have going.



  6. Very interesting…First, I’m glad to hear that CBproAds is not a scam. Websites like that always make me skeptical. I do have a question. Are you saying that we need a website first before this product works? Is this product a plug-in that needs to be uploaded to an existing website? Or does CBproAds all ready have a read made website?

    Sorry about the confusion…I just need to make sure I know exactly what I would be purchasing…if I do decide to go forward with this business opportunity.

    I also have always had a problem pushing traffic to offers like this but, and I see that you have a way to help us get the traffic which is really interesting. I have book marked your traffic source. Thank you for that information.

    By the way, I have never heard of Bloghopping? Very interesting term…

    • Thanks very much for your comments and questions Lakisha. I do understand your skepticism about such programs. So, let me clear your mind: 

      First of all, you do not need a website to promote CBproAds, or any affiliate programs for that matter. In fact, I have written an article on that subject not very long ago entitled “How To Be An Affiliate Without A Website” that you might find interesting.

      And yes, with CBproAds you can have a ready made website loaded with all the needed features.

      Indeed, I have also written an article explaining how you can send high quality traffic to a website or directly to an affiliate link. You can easily get this traffic here: “Organic WorldWide Traffic“.

      Thanks very much for bookmarking this information, and feel free to share it around if you like.

      I wish you all the success that you deserve with your online projects Lakisha and if you have any questions please feel free to call on me at any time, okay?

      Take care,


  7. Is CBproAds a Scam? – Or a Legit Money Making Opportunity for 2021?- Thank  for sharing your article on CBprAds, affiliate marketing can be very challenging for newbies. The online market  saturated and users will stick to  the brands they know. CBproAds creative and attractive adds may add value to a website.

    • Thanks very much for sharing your views on CBproAds and affiliate marketing in general. However Diana, with due respect, I do not agree with you 100% with you saying that the online market is saturated. Especially during this miserable period of the pandemics, online marketing is booming and there are opportunities available for everyone, and CBproAds is a great fit for the newbie as well as the seasoned marketer wishing to add an extra income to his/her online business.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects Diana. Stay safe and healthy!


  8. I love that CBproAds makes ads more attractive to help improve click-through rates. I like that you can try it for free, although you really take a chance if only 50% of the ads have your referral code embedded in them. Seems if you are going to use this service, you should definitely pay the one-time fee. I’ll have to look into this further later on, as right now I’m focused on getting traffic to my site. After that I’ll concentrate on things like this that will improve my click-through rates. 

    • Thanks very much for your comment Alicia. Indeed, it is well worth going for the full membership as it is a one-time fee so nothing to worry about in case it takes time for you to see an income from. And once your have placed a few of their HTML codes here and there on your website of blog there is nothing for you to do. It is all done on autopilot.

      Speaking of getting traffic to your website, if you wait for Google to rank it so that you start to have visitors, it might take months, even years, if ever. The best thing to do is to get Google to notice your website by sending it highly targeted visitors so that your site gets ranked in a matter of days or weeks. You can get this here ~~> High Quality USA Traffic.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects Alicia.

      Take care, stay safe, healthy and happy,

      John 😊

  9. I really liked your review on CBproads a whole lot, I was happy because a friend told me about this and I want too sure to key in or not, until I came across this review. It was nice, straight to the point and easy to understand. Thank you so much for clearing my doubt on CBproads

    • Thanks very much for your comment Collins. I am sure that once you have joined you will see how easy it is to earn money with CBproAds.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects!

      John 😊

  10. Such  wonderful collection of tools. I have always wondered what makes some clickbank affiliate unique? But you just answer my long standing questions – Cbproads. I love the collection of tools th eads rotator, the affiliate store, niche store front and also the wordpress plugin. This explains why clickbank will continue to stand tall in the affiliate marketing game.

    • Thanks very much for reading my review about CBproAds Owoeye, and for taking the time to share your views with us.

      As you have seen, CBproAds is the ideal affiliate program that anyone can get involved with alongside any other businesses as it basically runs on auto and incorporates the best products available on ClickBank.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects Owoeye.

      Stay safe, healthy and happy,

      John 😊

  11. There are just too many affiliate programs these days, it is even hard to keep up. I will be sure to share this article with friends and family. I know that some of them are looking for ways to break into the market affiliating world so thank you for this. 

    • Thanks very much for your comment Aubin, and for sharing this article with your friends and family. You will certainly do them a great favor for which they will be forever grateful to you.

      I wish you and your family a very healthy, happy and successful New Year.

      John 😊

  12. I learned affiliate marketing with ClickBank from Richard Solomon X, he’s a good guy, you can see some of his stuff at https://easytoretire.com/how-to-make-money-with-myleadgensecret and his Podcast. Basically, he teaches the concept of an affiliate funnel and getting free traffic from Facebook every day.
    I think his Passive Comm course and affiliate funnel template are still available for free, you can check it out at:

    Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with Richard Solomon X. I am sure that my readers will benefit from your comment Rich.

      Take care,

      John 😀
      P.S. If you are interested in getting 100 to 200 leads everyday, check MLGS

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