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Blogging Ideas That Make Money — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for all the fantastic ideas! I have to admit I’ve been in a bit of a writing stump as of late. Your article really gave me the beginnings of some great ideas. My excitement for writing has been renewed 🙂

    I see now why you chose not to number them – if I were to try to decide even which 5 ideas were my favorite, I would be hard pressed to put them in order. I do really like the idea of case studies, a guest blogger discussion series, and refuting various myths within my niche. I think discussing controversial topics, without offending others obviously, is an excellent idea too.

    Your site is packed with useful ideas, tips and tools. I will bookmark your site and share with all the writers I know. Thanks again! 

    • Thanks so much for your detailed comments and for your kind words Shannon, I really appreciate it. I am glad that you found enough useful ideas in my guide to get you excited to write again.

      I wish you the very best for your projects and please do let me know if you need any help, okay?

      Take care,


  2. A really useful list of actionable ideas. I think your line “to come up with something that makes sense to the reader while helping us realize our objectives” sums up in one sentence the difficulty with blogging. Getting that balance right is so hard. I particularly like your suggestion to elaborate on a quote: that’s something I hadn’t considered. And comparison tables too, another brilliant suggestion. I haven’t yet looked seriously at Quora but suggestions like yours mean I’ve added it to my to do list. And the listicle suggestion is great too. There’s so much to this article that I’ve pinned it so I can come back to it and go through it more closely. Thanks very much for sharing, John, I’ll keep watching your site with interest.

    • I am so glad that you found a few good blogging ideas that will help you make some money Lisa. That’s right, good ideas can come from anywhere, even while having a walk in the forest or on the beach. The most important thing is to take note immediately for when we find the time to elaborate on it. Some bestsellers have been created like that. It is incredible.

      So, time to get to work Lisa and when you are ready, share the link to your blog here, I am sure that my readers would love that and might give you a few tips and some comments too.

      Have a great day Lisa.


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