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DressHead Customer Reviews – Scam or Legit? — 8 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed the section about how to detect scam sites. I kind of knew what to look for, well I was pretty sure I did and the article certainly gave me more insight. Not only can I use this for just about any website but also a direct heads up on DressHead. Also I didn’t know about ScamAdviser. That’s pretty awesome that you can just type in a name and get a general consensus. Thanks for an amazing article, informative and a great read!

    • Amazing, isn’t it Zen? There are so many ways that one can detect a scam, but unfortunately, there are as many techniques that are used by scammer to fool the honest people into buying anything.

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  2. Never heard of Dresshead before, but I’m not surprised since it’s an online woman’s fashion shop.  But in any event I appreciate honest reviews that help people decide if they should get involved as a customer.  Since the location they state is not correct that is a definite red flag.

    Transparency and customer service are critical when dealing with others in business, and when they are lacking it is a reason to stay away.  China does not seem close to Walnut, CA.

    Add to this damaged product or not receiving it at all or the wrong product just adds to the reasons to not do business with this company.  With a fake address and an “F” rating from the BBB does not require anymore evidence that this is most definitely a company with no concern about the customer and overly concerned about their profit.

    Thanks for making people aware of this.

    • As you say Joseph, “With a fake address and an “F” rating from the BBB” it should be enough to keep people away from doing business with “DressHead”. Unfortunately, not many online shoppers know the meaning of these two labels, and often don’t pay attention to the customers’ reviews. All they see are the price and the nice pictures believing that it is exactly what they will receive, if they receive their product at all.

      Thanks for your time in reading and commenting on my “DressHead” scam or legit review Joseph.

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      Let me know what you think.

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  3. I have ordered from Dresshead before and I was very satisfied with my order. And I would have ordered from them again. The clothes were exactly as pictured. Yes, some of the clothing is made of thin material, but honestly, what do you expect from a piece of clothing that cost you $5 (some items are even 99 cents)?

    BUT, I went to place another order today, and they have a new shipping policy. Now, they want you to pay $4 per item ordered. Basically, my $70 order would have cost me $60 to ship. No freaking way! And they call it USPS Express, but they still say that you won’t receive it for 8-12 business days. I’m not stupid. That is not a convenient deal to ensure that you get your order in a timely manner and it surely does not cost them $4 to ship each item. If it does, they should not be doing business in America.

    I’m not paying $60 for shipping, especially when every other store these days, give you free shipping for orders over $50. I have no motives, so you can take what I say at face value.

    • Thanks very much for sharing your experience with DressHead Sabrina. So what started to be a satisfied customer ended up in being a very frustrated one. Some people really have no proper customer retention strategy training. I see this often happening on other popular online shopping sites, where the seller offers items at a very low price to attract the attention of possible buyers and then when it comes to finalise the sale you are presented with an astronomic packaging and posting cost.

      So, then, too bad for DressHead, they have lost what seems to be a good and regular customer.

      I wish you the very best for your future online shopping Sabrina.


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