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SendinBlue vs MailChimp – You Better Read This Review Before You Buy … — 4 Comments

  1. Very informative article about the differences between Mailchimp and Sendinblue. Being very new to online and affiliate marketing i honestly do not have experience with either of the two companies. After reading your review, I can now say that I can make a more informed decision about what software to use for email marketing. Since I am just starting out, price is a huge determining factor for me and TrafficWave seems like the best way to go and I plan to give them a shot especially that I can try it for free for 30 days. Thank you for your opinion!

    • Thanks very much for commenting and sharing your views on my product review SendinBlue vs MailChimp and I am glad that you noticed the great advantages of going for TrafficWave instead of SendinBlue or MailChimp, or any other automated email marketing system. You can’t go wrong with it, especially in the long term.

      When you are ready to take advantage of the 30 day free trial offer, let me know if you need help setting it up, but it is really straight forward.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy.


  2. Wow many thanks for this review. Very detailed, clear and so easy to understand! I didn’t know sendingblue was French! Being French it was great to discover a French company. Thanks for the info. I was curious to know which autoresponder you use so I went ahead and read your other article and advice! 

    • Bonjour Anne-Caroline,

      Not only you discovered a French company, but also a French man on Wealthy Affiliate promoting a French company.

      I am glad that you liked my blog post and if you have any questions about autoresponders please do not hesitate to contact me at: yourbiztips@gmail.com. I use several autoresponders for my work but one that I’ve built most of my businesses with is TrafficWave when I started working online in 2001 (TrafficWave was launched hardly a year before).

      If you have seen the comparison table near the end of my review: “SendinBlue vs MailChimp vs TrafficWave“, you have understood that I have done the right thing to chose TrafficWave as my main autoresponder.

      I am reading your blog posts with great interest, especially your “About Me” page (for now) and will leave a few comment here and there.

      Okay Anne-Caroline, I wish your the very best for your online project.

      Stay safe, healthy, fit and happy,

      John (Jean)
      Premium Member @ WeatfhyAffiliate

      My username is: YourBizTips

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