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How To Increase Website Traffic With Keywords — 10 Comments

  1. Great post!

    While I think keywords are important, I also think that the most important factor is quality content! If google sees quality (which it will) then you will rank – simple as that.

    All SEO points in this post are great tips towards real quality content. It’s so easy to get disheartened early on when content is typically of low quality. It’s all about practising and sticking at it!

    • You are absolutely right on all counts Stephen. Thanks for sharing your views here. Also, thanks for encouraging my readers on writing quality content for their website.

      I hope to see you here often to share your wisdom with us Stephen.

      I wish you the very best.

      John ツ 

  2. It cannot be expressed enough, how important quality content is! You point out some very good ways to ensure that the content we write is valid and of quality to the reader.
    Things change so quickly in this industry and knowing how to work with the changes and stay ranked are crucial.

    • Thanks for your input on my  How To Increase Website Traffic With Keywords article Christine. If this article was of interest to you, I am inviting you to read What Is Duplicate Content In SEO which should also geared towards quality content.

      Let me know if you have any questions and I wish you the very best with your online venture Christine.

      John ツ

  3. So, where do you think are the best places to use the primary keyword for each page? I have heard it has to appear within the first sentence, then other people will say it’s okay as long as it’s in the first paragraph, and then I have heard others insist that it must appear two times within the first 150 or 200 words.

    I suspect no one really knows and these are just theories. What is your opinion on placement and density?

    • Thanks for visiting my website and for commenting on my How To Increase Website Traffic With Keywords article Theresa.

      As you say, no-one knows for sure where and how many times the primary keyword should appear. So I will give you my opinion in the hope that it will trigger comments from other readers.

      As far as I know, and I try to stick to my theory as much as possible, I make sure that my primary keyword appears in the URL and the title (I think that this is a must!). Then I try to place it on the first line, as close as possible to the left hand of my content. Then as an h3 subtitle, then if possible somewhere in the middle of the content, then, definitely somewhere in the last paragraph.

      As you can imagine, it is not easy to know who is right or wrong here, as no-one knows the algorithm that Google uses.

      I wish you the very best Theresa.

      John ツ 

  4. Thanks for the article! it’s very informative and the advice is concrete enough to follow-through. They say that SEO is hardwork, but if SEO is broken down into baby steps, anyone can do it if they just focus on one area a day. For long tail keywords, it’s best to have a list of articles targeting these keywords separately so that they rank high in google search results. This would yield better result than having one article on a very competitive keyword.

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website. You are quite right about how to increase website traffic with keywords. Although everyone has its own theories on the subject. I guess that you have done some experimenting and it works for you.

      I wish you the very best with your online venture and I hope to see you here again shortly as I have loads of very exciting articles almost ready to be published.


      John ツ

  5. Hey John, I really enjoyed reading your post on how to increase website traffic with keywords. I found some really interesting tips here that I will implement on my website asap. I Never knew what to do with the data that google analytics or the search console gives me. I have one question though How many words would you say do I need to put in a post at least?

    • I’m glad to know that you enjoyed reading my article and that you found it useful Aaron. It encourages me when someone intends to implement my suggestions.

      Regarding your question: the short and quick answer is a minimum of a thousand words, BUT, you better read one of my earlier articles What Is The Best Length For A Blog Post? and let me know what your think.

      I wish you the very best with your online venture Aaron.

      John ツ

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