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How To Find Duplicate Content On Your Website — 6 Comments

  1. Duplicate content like you said is very common. Once your blog/website starts attracting a large amount of traffic some people will start copying it. It will happen sooner or later. But Google today is smart enough to know when is done by accident or if someone is stealing your content. You can always file a DMCA takedown notice (as a last resort). If you could also share a few information on that it would be great. 

    I also use Copyscape but i didn’t know about the Siteliner tool. Great tool. Thank you for that. 

    • Thanks for your comments Nikos and I am glad that my “How To Find Duplicate Content On Your Website”  blog post help you discover the Siteliner tool.

      Fortunately, I never had to file a DMCA Takedown Notice, but for those who are interested to know, it seems to be a quite simple procedure. Simply type in “How do I send a DMCA takedown notice?” in your browser and you will find all the details. 

      As you say Nikos, it should be done as a last resort, after you have contacted the website owner to ask him/her to rewrite their article.

      There are also other actions that your webmaster can to to let Google know that you were the original writer of this content. Also, fortunately Google is good at recognising which content was first uploaded.

      I wish you the very best Nikos,


  2. Interesting. I always heard the nightmare of having someone copy your work. I check my website on BrowSEO but I didn’t get Respond-Code as 200 (OK). What does that mean? and how would I fixed it? And how do I find out if any of my contents is copied? Thanks

    • Hi Sophorn,

      Nice seeing you here again and for your comments on my “How To Find Duplicate Content On Your Website” article.

      Most website owners know that it is not beneficial to copy other people’s content, so normally it should not happen very often. Google is now very good at detecting which post is the original, and also, there are ways to let Google know that yours is the original one. Your webmaster should be able work on that. If you are not too experienced on the subject, you can find some great experts on Fiverr who will quickly sort you out.

      To minimise the temptation from someone to copy my work, I have a little banner / logo at top of my website that asks visitors to refrain from copying my content. It is not a guarantee that they will not do it, but it certainly helps.

      Then, there are legal actions that can be taken, but that must be taken as a last resort.

      The other thing that can happen is that YOU have “duplicate content” on your website. Don’t be horrified, it happens with a WordPress website and it is nothing difficult to fix. 

      I have the feeling that you have not fully understood my blog post, so I will suggest that you go over it very carefully and come back here with precise questions.

      I wish you the very best for your online venture.


  3. Dear John,

    I am full-time blogger and creating quality post on my site is my daily job. So your post How To Find Duplicate Content On Your Website is really an eye opener for me.

    Although I am aware copying others content is no use and I never did that. But I got great new insights from your post. And Mr. Neil Patel video you embedded was awesome it gave a great tip on how to post our content on social media.

    Thanks for explaining about the duplicate content and the best thing is you have provided solutions in your post to rectify it.

    May I ask… If I use the same CTA (3 paragraphs) for all my posts at the end. Will that be considered as a duplicate content? Please advice…

    Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for being a regular reader of my blog posts and for your really useful comments. I can imaging how many bloggers were surprised to find out that their blog / website was affected by “duplicate content” after reading my article and making the suggest tests. 

      To answer your question about duplicating your CTA Paul. All of my blog posts have the same ending of about 150 words and an identical CTA which is not a problem. However, when I ran a check on Copyscape I discovered that it was a duplicate content. As this check permitted me to find out where it was a duplicate I discovered that someone had copied my closing statement word for word. I could have contacted that website owner but would probably receive no response, or it could have ended up in a lot of discussions and a waste of time. So I decided to rewrite my closing paragraph.

      Looking forward to seeing you on this website again soon Paul.

      For your info, I have rewritten my “About Me” page as you suggested. Thanks for your recommendations. Would you mind having a look at it and to let me know what you think? ~~> About Me

      I wish you the very best with your blogging project.


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