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How to Make Money in Drop Shipping – A SaleHoo Review 2021 — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for this detailed article! I’ve been trying to get my mom into dropshipping and creating her own business online since she is of retirement age but doesn’t have much money. I really want her to stop working on her feet all day. I think this would be perfect for her to start out with! I’m going to send this to her and maybe it will be the push to get her started. 

    I’ve been letting her know that now is the time to start looking into this more seriously. Everything is moving online and I think she’s starting to get it. I know that she wants to travel when she retires and with SaleHoo she can work from anywhere.


    • Great idea Nicole, there is no better time than now to start an online business. I have many friends in drop shipping and they are doing very well, plus SaleHoo makes it very easy to get started. Although I have not been in drop shipping myself very much, I have been earning a living online since 2001 and I have traveled the world with my wife and my laptop. I will never ever wish to change this kind of lifestyle with anyone.

      I wish you and your mom the very best and please do tell her that if she needs any help in anything to call on me at any time, okay?


  2. If Salehoo isn’t for you what other resources are there? If their are items more expensive on Salehoo than amazon or ebay how do you amke any monry?

     Drop shipping sounds like a profitable way to make money if you know what you are doing…I don’t so I will check out your training.

    • Thanks very much for your comments Brianna. That’s right follow my training and you will find answers to all your questions, and perhaps a new income opportunity.

      Wishing you the very best,


  3. Thank you for such a detailed review of SalesHoo. I’m actually beginning to have an interest in dropshipping since I don’t have any storage or capability to store inventories. So, I want to ask one thing that may seem like a newbie question: do you create your store page on SalesHoo website, OR do you just use it to find potential vendors for your dropshipping business? Thanks for answering

    • Thanks very much for your questions Alexander. There are many ways that you can consider to sell your products. Two of the most used (and most likely to be effective) are:

      – Open a store on Amazon, and
      – Have a professional eStore that you can create yourself or have it done by a freelancer, like on Fiverr who specializes in building websites for SaleHoo eStores

      I wish you the very best for your online projects Alexander.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy,


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