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Is Crowd1 a Scam? – Is it an MLM? Is it Legal at All? — 12 Comments

  1. I completely agree, Crowd1 is a scam, zero doubt from me! They don’t even offer anything to sell, it’s a pure Ponzi scheme masquerading as a legit MLM. I feel bad for people who are desperate to earn extra income (or any income at all) and fall prey to Crowd1 scams and other snake oil operations on the internet. Thank you for exposing Crowd1 is a scam and saving a lot of people from getting ripped off. Have a good day.

    • You seem to be quite clued up on the subject Sean. I am glad to hear that and thanks for sharing your views on this scam program that is Crowd1.

      Cheers and have a great day as well.


  2. I’ve seen a few of these sites around. No product, no service but apparently, you can earn money selling memberships. By the look of it, their plans are darn expensive and there’s actually nothing to justify their worth either. I wonder how many people have fallen for this kind of scam. This program and the likes of online gambling sounds like a risky business. 

    • Yes Cathy, these kinds of illegal pyramid schemes are all over the place and you had be surprised how many people are still falling for them, and how much they are paying to join, it’s unbelievable. There is nothing better and straight forward than Affiliate Marketing, where you earn your money according to your efforts.

      I wish you an excellent day Cathy,


      • People just wanna have quick money without working anything and most of whom are so man broke to even read articles and use their God-given mental reasoning to think. it funny after all the sensitization they still fall for such a cheap SCAM!!!!!

        • You are quite right, it is amazing how so many people still fall for such blatant scams. When will we have a totally safe World Wide Web? I doubt it is for any time soon. Thanks for sharing your views Princewill.

          Best wishes,


  3. Hi John,
    Hello, I thank you for the excellent review you make on another liar platform called Crowd1. The truth is that this type of company does not stop emerging.

     I see that you are also promoting one of those I consider to be a leader in affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to create your own online business with the best training and valuable tools. 

    Unique opportunity without a doubt. 

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for sharing your views on Crowd1 Claudio. As you say, unfortunately these scam programs keep popping up all over the place and vanish once their creators have made their money. This is why scam reviews like this one is so important as we are now so many bloggers on the look out and ready to destroy their shameful activity before they can get too wealthy.

      I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best program to be in where the training is excellent and the support system is the best I have ever seen in my over 18 years of making a living online. So if you are not already a member yourself, I strongly recommend that you join as soon as possible. It is free to join as a Starter Member and to start learning here ~~> Wealthy Affiliate.

      I wish you the very best,


      • I am a Marketing student ,crowd1 is becoming active and registering members,I am the one who become a member by taking miscalculating risk but still i do beleive some of the on line market,how could i know even such kind of market legality.i need to work abroad and gain money legaly.

        • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for commenting on this particular article Bewket. That’s right, you must be very careful these days before joining a money making opportunity. If you want to start making an income online and 100% legally, I highly recommend that you have a good read at “How to Earn an Extra Income from Home“. It is free to join, learn and earn.

          Let me know if you have any questions, okay?

          Best wishes,


  4. I clicked on the link to the page you are inviting us to enter, saying it is a secure business. This is a Wealthy Affiliate. I’m enrolled in them. I didn’t really agree with affiliate marketing, but for many years I wanted to have my own blog. Here I was offered this and I went from standard member to premium in two days. Indeed, the assistance is very good and all the people in the team are nice and friendly. I like it a lot.

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website Irina and I am glad that you decided to join Wealthy Affiliate. Like you I joined because they were teaching how to create your own website and to monetize it, something I wanted to learn for many years but could never find the right training. What I liked is that you could join for free and to start learning, without even giving out any payment details to them, which I have never seen elsewhere.

      So, I wish you the very best and should you need any help, make sure to call on me at anytime, that’s what Wealthy Affiliate is all about: helping others to succeed.


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