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How to Use A DSLR Camera? — 16 Comments

  1. Photography is my passion and for a long time I want to go to another level and buy a DSLR camera. I have seen many professionals who use this type of DSLR camera but I never know why it is so special. I really want to buy a camera from Canon because in my opinion, compared to Nikon I think Canon is much better. I really enjoyed reading this article and now I can say that after I  will buy this camera, it will be much easier for me to understand the functions, settings and especially how to make the most professional photos. Thank you very much. Wish you all the best!

    • Thanks so much for being such an avid reader of my blog posts Razvanllie, and I know that my readers really appreciate your comments and wise recommendations.

      I hope that you buy this DSLR camera that you are dreaming about owning, and when you do, please do share your views on it, okay?

      I wish you the very best,


  2. The stress of going through the process of learning how to use a DSLR camera has kept me at bay with my normal iPhone camera andy mobile digital camera. Though I want something better but then, it is still okay. However, seeing how you have broken the pieces down to simple bits that is well understood is what I love the most. Thanks for sharing here. This matters a lot

    • Thanks for sharing your views on this stunning DSLR camera Rodger. Although nowadays an iPhone camera can do a great job, but when it comes to making serious photographs you really need something more professional.

      I am glad that you enjoyed reading this article and I look forward to seing you on my website again soon.

      All the best,


  3. Interestingly I’ve seen this camera as one huge piece of puzzle, it’s numerous and intimidating buttons. 

    I’ve wondered how long it’s going to take for me to learn how to use it. 

    I got one as a gift and it’s just lying there. This article is a great write up and an expose`, I love it. 

    Especially with your explanation of the modes, it just takes you there. I thought of selling it of but I’ve changed my mind though. 

    I don’t have to wait too long because I can start to enjoy my camera, thanks for this insight. 

    • Hi Samikingss,

      Good to know that you are the proud owner of a DSLR camera, and that, thanks to this tutorial, you have decided not to get rid of it. 

      As you say, there is so much to assimilate in order to know how to use all its functions. If you go through the user manual you will certainly be overwhelmed and your camera will end up in the cupboard gathering dust.

      But if you only follow the guidelines posted in this tutorial you will learn enough to create some real pieces of art.

      So, I hope that you will start using your DSLR camera and when you are able to take great pictures, please share a couple of your best shots with us here, okay?

      Have a great day.


  4. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide on DSLR Camera. I found it is very useful for everyone. Your guide helped me to learn few new things about my DSLR. I am using it from few months. I am still missing many things. Everything is clear now and hope I will take good shot via my DSLR camera. Your guide will surely helps millions of people about the use of DSLR.

    • Glad to know that you also own this great DSLR camera and I am quite sure that you enjoy taking some superb shots. What are your favorite subjects Parveen? Are they people, nature, family, or what?

      Don’t hesitate to share a few shots with us here, okay?

      Wishing you an excellent day!


  5. Hello, Your step by step guide is very useful to know out our DSLR camera. Now I know the first thing to understand about our DSLR camera is the shooting modes. Different shooting modes mostly determines how our camera will perform when we start clicking. it means our camera requires more light to attain a given exposure; while in high sensitivity, our camera requires lesser amount of light to attain the same exposure. Your guide is awesome for everyone.

    • Thanks very much for commenting on this DSLR camera tutorial Lalita. It seems like it is a very popular piece of kit judging by the number of my readers who are reporting to own one.

      I am glad that you are already understanding some of its functions and that this guide is helping you learn more Lalita.

      Wishing a great day.


    • You are most welcome Dear. I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

      Wishing you and your family every happiness this Holiday Season and throughout the coming Year.


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