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How To Deal With The Writer’s Block ? – 10 Tips To Overcome It — 12 Comments

  1. For someone that writes daily or that is the goal anyways LOL Your article on writers block is definitely a keeper!!! 

    You explained the different types of blocks in a way that I could relate,and some of them I have had. 

    Your tips are also a source of inspiration,some I have tried and have had success with. My favorite is reading… this almost always gives me the inspiration to try again.

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to comment on my “10 Tips To Overcome The Writer’s Block” article Cathy. I am glad that it brought you some inspiration. Reading is definitely a great source of ideas for writing blog contents.

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      I wish you the very best.


  2. Wow, amazing post! Did not know about writer’s block until now! Now that I have read about it, I know that I have experienced it myself and will now be able to effectively use the techniques presented here on how to do battle against it or simply go around it!

    Very concise article! Very useful and informative!

    Thanks for the share!

    Joe Joson

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website Joe, and for taking the time to post a comment on my “How To Deal With The Writer’s Block ? – 10 Tips To Overcome It” article.

      Unfortunately, the writer’s block hits us all, some bloggers or writers more than others. I know of some very famous writers who are still suffering from it even though they have already published a large number of paperbacks.

      According to what you are saying, you have not been affected by it too badly, otherwise you would have known about it, trust me.

      Anyway, I wish you the very best and I look forward to seeing you again on this site soon.


  3. Great post! Did not know anything about writer’s block until I read this article! Now I know I have experienced it myself and will now know how to deal with it!

    This article will definitely help other writers who may not be aware that such a thing existed!

    Thanks for the share!

    Joe Joson

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to comment on my “How To Deal With The Writer’s Block ? – 10 Tips To Overcome It” article Joe. I am glad that it struck a chord as far as you are concerned and that you have come out of it yourself.

      If you know of anyone with this problem, and I know that they are many, some even give up writing blog posts, or even writing a book that could have become a bestseller, make sure to share this article with them. You will do them a huge favor Joe.

      I have recently written an article that I believe will be of interest to you. Here it is:

      How To Find Duplicate Content On Your Website

      Enjoy it and let me know what you think.

      Best wishes,


  4. Hi John,

    It’s great that I came across your article while browsing. I currently have writers block, hence, why I am in this section of WA!

    You did very thorough research on your article; I found it very informative. I did find your article a bit lengthy. The reason I say this is that I read through it patiently but a person searching for this topic feels frustrated and want a quick fix. It’s in our nature to want a quick solution.

    I would recommend you filter through your work and summarize it into fewer words.

    You mentioned writing fiction and non-fiction as well as an eBook; I’d like to know more on how you started writing content outside of your site to use as an additional income?

    • Thanks so much for commenting on my “How To Deal With The Writer’s Block ? – 10 Tips To Overcome It” and I am quite sure that you will find a solution to your writer’s block Ian.

      As for the length of this article, which is just about 2,450 words and considered “excellent for SEO”, you might like to refer to an article I have written a little while ago (careful, it is also about the same size): What Is The Best Length For A Blog Post?, let me know what you think.

      To cut it short, a good friend of mine, Loes, gave me this rule of thumb when I asked her the same question:

      Article recommended size:
      300 words – you are in the wrong business
      500 words – a start
      750 words – getting better
      1000 words – acceptable
      1500 words – good
      2000 words – your aim
      2500 words – excellent
      3000 words – awesome
      3500 words or more – write a book… that’s what I did, many times and they are available on Amazon.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions Ian.

      Best wishes,


  5. My writer’s block is always at the beginning of the article. Coming up with a good introduction and the need to embed the keyword somewhere pressures my thought. Believe it or not, sometimes I would spent up to 30 minutes just to figure out the first paragraph. 

    After that, everything is easy flow most of the time. However, I still struggle to write on a daily basis because I still have a full time job and it’s tiring to write after work. I like your idea on the daily short writing sessions. Maybe I’ll give that a try and see how it goes. 

    • Thanks for sharing your writer’s block experience Cathy. Your sort of block is very common. Many, if not most writers find it most difficult to get going, and once the “engine is warmed up”, it seems to come out naturally. Sometimes, ideas are flowing out faster than one can write. So don’t worry Cathy, it gets even better with practice.

      Of course, it is not possible for everybody to have all day free to write their blog posts, but believe me, that doesn’t mean that your website or blog will suffer. What’s most important is the quality of the content you are sharing. For that, I can suggest an article that I have written that might help you: Tips For Creating Quality Content

      Let me know what you think.


    • Thanks very much for your comment Ryan. I do like your blog, well done! Keep on the good work, and thanks for Tweeting my tutorial, it might help a few other bloggers.

      Best wishes,


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