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How to Get a Lot of Traffic on Your Website – Without SEO — 8 Comments

  1. I agree it’s possible to get a lot of traffic on your website without SEO. Indeed, SEO needs a lot of effort, but there are some drawbacks to other methods also.

    Paid advertisements suck a lot of money until you optimize it. But once you optimize it’ll definitely give you back.

    Bringing traffic via Facebook: Again a matter of advertisements comes the limelight. If you want to grow your page via normal traffic, it’s far difficult than expectations, as I think.

    Google AdWords is another place for a lot of investment.

    Guest blogging to a high traffic website is also an expensive option.

    Leaving comments is not a bad option. it works sometimes.

    I never tried buying High-Quality Traffic. It’s a new one for me. Does it offer quality traffic that is directed to the niche, or the traffic is just random?

    But as per your opinion, I find most of the options offer visitors in exchange of money, and that is pretty usual. But can you provide a free traffic idea except SEO?

    • Thanks very much for posting your views on each one of the options I have detailed in my guide Dr.SD. Two of my favorite solutions are leaving comments on other blogs and websites provided these have a large readership and that they fit in exactly to my niche. 

      The other one which is to buy high quality traffic is definitely the one I use most as if you are working with the right provider, you are guaranteed highly qualified traffic which can really turn into sales very quickly.

      As recommended in my tutorial, the traffic provider I can highly recommend is “Magellon’s Highly Targeted Traffic“. One can’t go wrong with it as I have used this guy’s services for years and never had any issues. The traffic is not random at all, unless you want it that way, otherwise it can be very much targeted.

      As for free traffic, yes you can use some free ads platforms, traffic exchanges, etc. but of course, you get what you pay for so you will have to do a lot of work for very little traffic.

      I wish you the very best for whatever online projects you might be involved with.


  2. hellooo dear, wow what an amazing content you have here, i was actually dong some research online when i saw your post, it really has been nice and it teaches us alot much more than i expected, thanks for the info ,,your website is plain and simple easy to navigate and understand, i really do fancy these post alot thanks i already saved these post so as much as to come back for future reference

    • Thanks so much for being such a regular reader of my blog posts Skuchmane. I am glad that they bring you a lot of useful information and that you find them easy to follow.

      Let me know if you have any questions on any Internet marketing matters and at any time, okay?

      Best wishes for your online venture.


  3. Diversification is so important in many aspects of business, so why not the sources for your web traffic? I’m glad you mentioned that using SEO to generate traffic is only one method, your website deserves more than being dependent on one modality. Your 6 ways for increasing traffic without SEO are very intriguing. Of particular interest and appreciation is how you have stressed knowing your budget and your desired outcome. Thank you for this article.

    • Thanks very much for your comment Vincent. I hope this article brought you a few tips where you can get traffic for your website or blog. 

      I wish you the very best for your online venture.


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