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Dreams Digger Review – Is This Cryptocurrency MLM Scam? — 2 Comments

  1. It looks like a Ponzi to me! Thanks for exposing the Dreams Digger scheme. I haven’t had any contact with this company, nor will I ever have. By the way, I agreed with Mr. Buffet a long time ago. He’s right about Bitcoin too. So what is your alternative then? Can you tell me more about your #1 recommendation

    • That’s right, Warren Buffet is a wise old fox, he certainly knows what he is talking about. Cryptocurrency is not the problem, the problem is all these scammers that joined in the opportunity to scam lazy people by promising them that they will make a fortune just by investing in their scheme. It is the case for all these MLM scams, Ponzis, etc.

      I have personally been making a living off the Internet since many years and I can assure you that Affiliate Marketing is the only way to earn money according to the efforts and determination that you put in. And whatever work you put in is rewarded accordingly and for life.

      I wish you the very best Ivan.


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