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The Ecom Freedom Blueprint Scam Review — 16 Comments

  1. Thanks for pointing out the red flags that are obvious in a product / sales pitch like this one. Using an anonymous service to hide the owner’s identity seems pretty huge, to me. My first thought is: I wonder what they’re hiding?

    Then there’s: “Let’s make a lot of cash online with little effort, very fast.” Hmm. Get rich quick much? 

    Upsells. I’m not a fan. Who’s a fan of upsells? Only the seller.

    There’s more, but you’ve made your point. Not a scam, but not something to take very seriously, except in the negative. You’re right, this sort of thing takes a significant investment in time and work. There’s no substitute for each of these.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks so much for your comment on “The Ecom Freedom Blueprint Scam Review“. That’s right, scammers nowadays are so clever that it is often very difficult to know if you are facing a scam or legit money opportunity.

      If you are looking for something 100% legit, I would recommend that you have a look at my #1 affiliate marketing recommendation ~~> Check it out here!   

      I wish you the very best.


  2. I am not too bothered by separate paths to the same offer.  Many people come from different starting points but could possibly be helped by the same offer.  That being said, as an IT developer/expert in dropshipping, I am uneasy with programs that make dropshipping sound so easy.  Yes, the concept is simple, but there are many “gotchas” along the way. That includes sourcing, returns, excess fees incurred when multiple vendors are on a single order, and many more.   I know of a couple of other internet dropshipping gurus whom I would trust far more than this…for a lesser price than this program with any upsells.

    • It’s great to have an expert in dropshipping commenting on my article. Thanks for taking the time for doing that KPalmquist. Like in most online opportunities, there are some catches that are not clearly told, if at all, on the sales pitch, so it is always best to be prepared to get out the moment we start losing confidence in the program. Nothing is easy and when I read an offer that promises to earn loads of cash doing next to nothing, I just laugh. Unfortunately the poor devils who are new to online marketing get caught nearly every time.

      I look forward to seing you on my website often and I wish you the very best for whatever you are doing KPalmquist,


  3. I invested a massive chunk of my capital and savings into the care of an unregulated broker who vividly convinced me into investing ,he said pulling out of the investment is easy and I could make withdrawals .He kept asking for more funds ,this kept going on until my therapist introduced me to a certified recovery expert Mr tommy Denis who guided me until I got all my funds back ,I really don’t know how he did it ,It was a relief to get my money back? i think someone else might need his asistance, feel free to contact him if you are having issues accessing trading acount, reach out to him via his email address: tommydenis60(at)gmail.com and he will guide you on steps to take and get back your funds without any form of restriction.

    • Thanks very much for sharing your misfortune but I am glad that there was a happy ending, well done! Thanks especially for sharing the contact detail of the certified recovery expert who helped you out and I am sure that it will be useful to some of my readers.

      I wish you the very best,


      • i invested in The Ecom Freedom Blueprint some months back . everything seemed okay because i kept on contacting them during the period i invested and in turn they replied to all my questions. i was promised profit in a short space of time this really got me going as i could see the profits in my account. i had a lot of plans for my funds because my mortgage will soon be due. i decided to add more funds into the platform and i made even more profit . Then i decided to withdraw all my funds, it got declined. i tried it more than once but the same thing occurred. i tried contacting the broker but he didn’t reply then all of a sudden i was logged out and couldn’t log in again. that’s when i realized i have been scammed.

        • Thanks very much for sharing what seems to be a bad experience with The Ecom Freedom Blueprint. What I can understand in reading your description is that you might be confused with another program. However, I will check it out again and see if I need to update my program review. Take can and be safe and healthy.


  4. Before reading this article I knew little to nothing about the ecom freedom blueprint and I’m really glad that I came across this article as it has given me an in depth knowledge of the platform which will help me better when I come across it. As to whether the platform is a scam or not, I think it’s too early for me to tell but I will learn more about it. 

    • Thanks very much for commenting on my Ecom Freedom Blueprint scam review Beesean and I am glad that you are appreciating the forewarning.

      I wish you the very best for whatever your online projects are.

      All the best,


  5. Hello John, you have done a great job here with this article and I feel that there is so much that needs to be done for this business to be well accepted by a larger number of people who interested and one of the biggest things to be corrected is the upsell which no user would be happy to go with. Do they have a close customer service?

    • According to what I have discovered during my research on this opportunity, they do have a customer service in place but it is not very responsive, which is a very poor sign when it comes to joining a business opportunity.

      Take care,


  6. I just love this article, because you are absolutely right in mentioning a few points. I know for sure that it takes a lot of time before your online business gets growing and to make money from it. And for sure that it doesn’t require thousands of dollars for lessons in how to do this !

    thanks for this clear article,

    best regards


    • Thanks for commenting on my review Lizzy. I am glad that you agree with me that it takes time and hard work for a new business to become profitable, but it doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money.

      I wish you a very profitable journey on your online project.


  7. This review opens out a lot of information about the Ecom Freedom Blueprint scam. It invites people just like most platforms and at the onset it really seems manageable. My turn off is the upsells. That first upsell of $2000 is truly expensive and to think that further upsells are higher than that, is a further turn off. Looking through the description of the operation, it seems like most of the processes could be done without their help. even if training is available on the platform, I am well aware that free training for the same processes is available elsewhere on the internet. Thanks for recommending the Wealthy Affiliate site that works and is profitable.

    • Thanks for your comment JJ. I take it that you are also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am sure that you can appreciate how much support you have there, on top of the complete training that is provided, right?

      If you have any questions or need any help, just let me know, okay?

      Wishing you the very best.


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