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Is The Income League A Scam? — 6 Comments

  1. Hi John, thank you for reviewing The Income League.   

    So often, we/I really wish that we could find something simple to do that would allow us to earn a lot of money with minimal effort.   Even though we wish from time to time, common sense says there is not such thing.    After reading your review, I would not want to have everyone on my email list hate me.    Once you lose their trust and get marked as spam, you won’t get it back.  Thanks for the warning. 

    • Thanks so much for your comments on my “Is The Income League A Scam?” review Sondra. There are some legit money making opportunities that require some limited amount work, but of course, the income you will get from those, usually matches the time and effort you put into it, and you don’t necessarily have to promote to your mailing list. If you have a Twitter account, you can share your products or services with your followers.

      Of course, as you say, you do not want to spam your fans and followers, nor your email list. This is a no no!

      I wish you the very best Sondra.


      P.S. As you mentioned it, here is very basic money making opportunity that requires very little work, and is totally legit: The Auto Affiliate Program

  2. Thank you for your interesting article on Income League,

    On the face of it this sounds like a fairly solid product and someone who is unlikely to carry out thorough research is likely to very susceptible to this product and by the sounds of it will have limited success should they join. 

    However what does come across well in your article is that the depth of training available is not as deep as it would be at Wealthy Affiliate and that a potential customer would not receive as much value on their investment.

    • As you rightly say, nothing compares with Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to training and support. In my many years of marketing online, I know that training and support and the most important part of an online business, especially for the newbie, and Wealthy Affiliate has it all, plus it is totally free to join.

      Am I right to believe that you are a member of this first class Internet marketing program? If yes, I am sure that you are enjoying the benefits.

      I wish you the very best.


  3. Thank you for a very entertaining post on a product that is fairly analyze. I never came across this IM product The Income League. But after reading your article I would choose not to invest time in a product like that. I know there are no perfect product out there for this niche. If you are in the online marketing business opportunities you most know you need an email list or start building one.

    Also when there is more negatives points then positive ones that a good indicator for me to stay away.

    One info that I maybe miss in your review is there any chance that the product owner will update the product or just keep selling it as it is?

    I really enjoy reading your article, good luck to you John.

    • Thanks so much for visiting my website and for taking the time to write a comment on my “Income League” scam report Eric. I do appreciate it very much.

      I see that you are very careful when it comes to investing your time and money in a new program, very wise.

      To answer your question, some scam product owners take the time to update their program and advertising material in order to give them a longer shelf life, and some just don’t care, they let it run as it is till it dies off and they start a new one. Thanks for bring this good point up Eric.

      I wish you the very best in your online venture.


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