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How to Get Leads from Facebook Ads – 3 Surefire Techniques I Use — 10 Comments

  1. Hello John! Interesting and well written post. I have been looking for some of these informations. It is so helpful to have people like you that are willing to share their experience! Also, I am interested in promoting my bussines on Instagram, any advices on that? Thank you in advance!

    All the best 🙂

    • Thanks very much for your comment. I am glad that you found the information that you were looking for. I am also working on a tutorial about promoting a business on Instagram that should be ready quite soon now, so stay tuned.

      Best wishes,


  2. Thanks for your training on Facebook paid ads. I have been with affiliate marketing for 1 1/2 years and haven’t made any sales, I have heard from different sources that if I am not generating any leads or sales, paying for Facebook ads would be like throwing money in the garbage.

    You are obviously very skilled at what you are talking about and Facebook ads are a completely new thing to me, but at the level I am on, would Facebook paid ads be a waste of time for me?

    • Thanks very much for your question Neil. The people who advised you not to spend your money on Facebook ads yet are quite right. If your online presence is just one and a half year old it is really too early to invest in paid ads, be it Facebook or any other outlets. So continue writing quality content for your website or blog and be patient. Wait till you have a decent traffic and interest.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects.


  3. Hi John, Thanks for your in-depth, informative post. Just last night I spent 90 minutes listening to a fellow who was explaining much of what you include in your post. He wanted to charge a lot of money for his course. He was explaining the benefits of using ads to generate leads. In the final analysis he did boil it down to 1) decide who your audience is; 2) talk to your audience; 3) give them an offer. I thought that was a simple breakdown for someone just starting out. 

    Thanks for the information you have provided. 

    • Thanks very much for commenting on my how to get leads from Facebook ads tutorial Carolyn. I am glad that you found it useful, and that it saved you from buying that expensive course you were looking into last night.

      Now you know what to do, so I wish you the very best.


  4. Hey nice article you have there. Thanks for sharing such a concise and timely information to the public. I have been combating on how to generate leads using the Facebook Ads for sometime, but my approach seems not to be effective. Having stumbled into this article and the techniques highlighted there in, I will definitely give it a trial why hopy for the best results. Regards

    • Thanks very much for taking the time to go through this rather long tutorial Edah and I am glad that it will give you hope to give Facebook ads another chance.

      I wish you the very best for your advertising campaigns and please do let us know how it goes this time, okay?


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