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Is the Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme? — 10 Comments

  1. For a while now, I’ve made up my mind that I won’t deal with anything that’s related to MLM companies whatsoever because of their model of practise, recruiting new members is all they do and without that, no one can make a profit with it. If I won’t be biased, this product is not worth a trial at all simply because it’s a MLM scheme. It’s always difficult to make money with it and what is the essence of a business that is not profitable? Thanks

    • Yes James, so many MLM scams around. Even if a program is not a scam, just the fact that it is MLM is to be avoided as it has been proven that only those who created the program and those that joined it early are sharing the profits on the back of all those that are coming after. There is nothing better than Affiliate Marketing where everyone makes his money according to the efforts they put in.

      I wish you an excellent day.


  2. Thank you for your review on Motor Club of America. This is the first time that I see a roadside assistance as a MLM structure. It is interesting and it is a genius idea! I am surprised that I haven’t heard of them since they have been around for so long! I am surprised that the company did not focus on the service because it is the backbone of MLM. Bad product or services = fail MLM. Will keep in mind that it is not a good company to join. 

    • Thanks so much for reading my MCA pyramid scheme review Nuttanee, and for sharing your views with us here. I am glad that you found it helpful and I wish you the very best.



  3. I have seen a lot out there about the Motor Club of America but never took the time to research it. So thanks in advance for doing all of the research for me. It seems like a lot of work to make money online with this program and personally, it seems like it would be a hard sell as people are not very trusting. It certainly looks like Wealthy Affiliate is a better option and it looks like I can try it out for free. So I will be checking it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Thanks for your comments on my MCA review Wendy. Like most MLM schemes, MCA is one money making opportunity that must be avoided. There is nothing better than Affiliate marketing and I would encourage you to try Wealthy Affiliate as it is the best among all of them.

      I wish you the very best,


  4. To my little knowledge that I have garnered over the course of reading this post, I feel that motor club of America is just another MLM business but then, one that is more credible and reliable over a long period of time. Not very many Mlm businesses thrive for so long and this is a century old. That is awesome. I would however want to state that I will not be willing to join them because of the limited chances of making worthy income with MLM businesses. I have really lost a lot of money with MLM in the past and I do not think I’m convinced enough to take a dig at this again.

    • Wise thinking Rodger, that’s right, there are a few MLM companies that are going around, and for many years, but the reason why they still have an online presence is because enough people are still falling into their nets and the guys at the top are still making enough money out of the new comers.

      But as Affiliate Marketing is gaining popularity thanks to their simplicity of use and profitability, the Multilevel Marketing system will gradually disappear.

      So, if I may give my readers an advice: start looking at joining a reputable Affiliate Marketing program.  

      Best wishes,


  5. Motor club America is a great platform and if for just one thing, I respect it for how long it has managed to stay relevant in the competitive market. However, since it has been established not to be a scam neither is it a pyramid scheme, then I’m wary about the fact that it is an MLM business and they don’t always prove to be a good means of stacking up a worthy income if one is not a guru.

    • Thanks for sharing you views regarding the Motor Club of America Isaac. It is definitely a great company when it comes to roadside assistance, however, as a money making opportunity, like all Multilevel Marketing (MLM) schemes, it requires a lot of works to end up with hardly paying the expenses. 

      Trust me, I have done it for many years. It is a system that has had its time of glory but is now outdated. Those that got in early made the big bucks and are still living on the back of those that are coming in.

      Affiliate Marketing is now the way forward, where everyone earns, not just the guy at the top.

      I look forward to seeing you on this website again soon Isaac.

      Best wishes,


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